Groupthink DNC style

groupthinkMy friend Gary G posted on Facebook today about Groupthink. I am sure that at one time I knew the precise definition of the word (and many, many more…) but he did remind me of it: The full post from Wikipedia can be found by following the link, but the most telling paragraph is:

“Groupthink requires individuals to avoid raising controversial issues or alternative solutions, and there is loss of individual creativity, uniqueness and independent thinking. The dysfunctional group dynamics of the “ingroup” produces an “illusion of invulnerability” (an inflated certainty that the right decision has been made). Thus the “ingroup” significantly overrates its own abilities in decision-making and significantly underrates the abilities of its opponents (the “outgroup“). Furthermore, groupthink can produce dehumanizing actions against the “outgroup”.”

This solidifies and explains the general unease and malaise I have been feeling with the WHOLE political process. I feel that the powers that be (either DEM or Repug) want us to be lemmings jumping off the cliff of the lesser evil.

As a woman of conscience I have fought my whole life against blindly following almost any cause… and Texas candidate Wendy Davis and Bernie Sanders were the first political campaigns that I had become involved in. I always voted, but never got personally involved. And we all know who both of those campaigns ended up.

The whole groupthink mentality is extremely distressing to me, and the invective and rancor directed toward anyone not towing the line (be it red or blue) is deeply troubling.

I will vote my conscience, and have not yet made up my mind. I was never a true democrat, just not a republican, and so my leanings are toward Gary Johnson. As a long time feminist, I feel a deep sadness that I cannot in good conscience vote for either woman who is on the ballot this year.

I fear for the underpinnings of this great nation of ours. Having lived overseas, I have a unique appreciation for the benefits and freedoms that we take for granted as United States citizens. I plan to exercise my right to vote for the person who I think will be best for the United States, not the lesser of two evils.

There was a sign posted on Facebook yesterday: I paraphrase but it read “They are both losers, we are screwed.”

OK I will climb down from my soapbox now.


Another “Quinnism”

As most of you know, I follow many bloggers and Quinn Creative is one of the most prolific and succinct writers I follow.

Today’s blog is on political correctness and one of the phrases in her post caught my fancy this morning:

“Their scared, lack-and-attack, reptilian-brained part of the mind that wants to dress in fear and rise up in anger.”

Just a very apt description of what I see around me. Check out her post with the links above.

Thank you Quinn for capturing my feelings in such a descriptive way! I have been unable to put my finger on it, but this does.



2011 Prediction

I am trying to fill up old, partially filled sketch books and journals. I found one with some blank pages and decided to work on the Wildly Potent writing assignment in this old journal. After I finished the writing, I flipped through the pages and found this from 7/13/201120160722_211743[1]

Just in case you cannot read my mark making it reads:

…by 2016 (five years) I want to have my car paid off — this is struck out and the following is added: be out of debt completely and to not have to work. I can work, but want to be able to stay home if I want to!

AND GUESS WHAT! It totally came true! I am living my dream, just wish it was in Abluquerque and not in Texas.


Wildly Potent

In following one of Lisa Sonora’s writing prompts from her blog I found this which really meant a lot to me:

"Images and stories of the divine feminine 
impulse, handed down and shared from one 
woman to another, like so many handmade 
quilts, connect us with our sacred, 
creative heritage."

In response to her prompt, I wrote the following:


and creative. I have always been the artsy kid and have always felt creative but it was a big step for me to call myself an artist.  I could not paint or draw but I certainly could do collages and fibre work. After my one semester of college at NMSU- I knew that I did not have the talent to be a fine artist or the temperament to be a commercial artist {in fact this was NOT the case… but it took me many years to disabuse myself of that particular view of life!) so it kind of went on the back burner (or out of the kitchen totally). I married and had my son and still worked a full time job so I felt that I had an excuse. Then I became a single parent and the sole support of my son and myself my time was even more precious.

When I was confronted with the empty nest syndrome when my son left home, I knew it was time to go back to my creativity. That was in 1993. I started by making quilts and have not looked back since then. Fibre is still my first love and favorite medium and I try to incorporate it into most of my stuff. I feel like my most successful collages always have fibre in them.

And now I have committed to an abstract  painting class – after taking Dina Wakely’s  class. This in online and I am kin bummed because everybody does flowers and not even abstract. But on my third attempt I did one that I am somewhat satisfied with. this is outside my box and I am really stretching it and trying not to beat myself up over what I feel are less than successful attempts.

Some things to consider…

this is an excellent article on taking care of yourself (it is aimed at super sensirive people) but is certainly applicable to the everyday people like me…

Follow this LINK to see the article.

I love the one about lighting. As I age I am becoming more sensitive to light and always have low light levels in my house (except when I read and then I need lots of light!). And I hate florescents!

Another “Quinnism”

I follow many people on the interwebs, but Quinn Creative is one of my favorite sites and today’s post from her is so right on, most especially her last line:

"We live in volatile times. Small niceties matter. If we can’t give up 
our own needs to be right and first, nothing will change."

Quinn McDonald is pretty sure not everyone can be right all the time.

Check out her website for nuggets of wisdom…

Road Trip Day 5 and 6

Day 5 started with The Hermitage, Andrew Jackson’s mansion. It sits on a thousand acres, and was a beautiful home. We liked it because they gave us a ride on a golf cart!

For the afternoon, we went to Opryland and the Grand Ole Opry, then took an AIR CONDITIONED tour of the stars homes in Nashville. It rained lightly all afternoon, but we enjoyed the tour. Sorry for the odd angle on the elephant topiary but we were rushed for time and did not have time to hand a u-ie and get a better camera angle!

After the tour, we headed home. This pic may look just like the pic that started our trip, but it is headed southwest toward home! We finally got to Little Rock, and slept through a flood there. We were really glad to get on the road to Dallas, even if it was raining again.


I-40 to I-30,  where we ran into a huge traffic jam, and had to re-route to get home. We drove Siri crazy with all the re-routes we had her take!

Road Trip Day 3 and 4

Day Three we started out early for Franklin, TN. It is the site of one of the largest battles in the Civil War and there were 10,000 casualties. The battle raged for 5 hours in around the Carnton Plantation and the village of Franklin. There were bullet holes in the plantation and bullet and cannon ball holes in the Carter and Lotz houses in Franklin. No pictures were allowed inside the houses, but I got a lot o pics of the gardens and the cemetery at Carnton Plantation.

I also got a pic of this gorgeous house that is going to be torn down (it is only from 1910 and not old enough to qualify to stand on the battleground…) If you can move it it is FREE!


That afternoon we drove to Etheridge to see an Amish settlement, but no pics as it is against their religion to be photographed. But I did get a pic of a gorgeous Wandering Jew plant at Yoder’s Amish Store.


Day Four

We started at Belle Meade, a gorgeous mansion set on 30 acres. Again no pictures in the house, but I did get some pics of us on the grounds.

In the afternoon we took a guided tour of the downtown area and saw all of the sights of Nashville (or as many as we could squeeze into an afternoon). We had drinks and snacks at the Union Station Hotel and then headed for our hotel for a shower and bed!