My after Taxes Treat!

I am in Houston (Katy really) taking a class with Erin Faith Allen called Spellbound.
We started this AM with fresh (somewhat) nature things… 20161022_093744

We started with pictures and photocopies of things that were significant to us and added the flowers and nature bits…

20161022_093808No this is not breakfast, but delicious and colorful herbs and dyes to color our pages. I used eucalyptus, jasmine flowers, hibiscus, turmeric, Dragons Blood and Madder Root. I was disappointed in both the turmeric and the madder root, and tomorrow I will try a  slurry rather than sprinkling the powder directly on the pages.

After lunch it was time to tie our bundles. I forgot to take a pic of the bundle before we put it in the hot water, but the fist pic is when we fished it out to take a pic and the second one is the cooked bundle… I think that I got more color on the muslin than I did on the pages.


One of my more successful pages and the twigs and berries that colored the page.


dye on a photo of my sister20161022_161036

the pages are drying now and I will have more pics tomorrow…

The Power of memory

20161015_133502 It never ceases to amaze me that the power of an innocuous object, in this case a grease pencil, can take me immediately back to a time and place…My Father always used grease pencils in his work and would bring them home. I was fascinated by how the brown paper unwinds in a perfect spiral, exposing the pencil. Just pulling the paper and peeling it off took me back 60 years to a garage in Victoria Park California with my Daddy…

“To say ‘divine feminine’ is redundant.”

In the Garden

In the Garden

Quote I found today:

“You are more than a poet, a singer, a speaker – you are an instrument. And your full, resonant voice – the unheard anthem – might very well be the most critical song of our time. Of all time.” ~ Rachel Bagby
this is from Tree Sisters (have not had a chance to listen to the podcasts yet, but hope to on Saturday…) but I do love the qoutes

Here’s a novel idea for 10/9/16!!

EMILY's List


Tonight’s the second presidential debate.

It’s not going to be like any debate we’ve ever seen before, so we’re doing something we’ve never done before.

On Friday, audio was released of Donald Trump bragging about sexually assaulting women. We want to make sure everyone who’s following the debate online tonight knows EXACTLY where Trump stands with women.

Update your profile picture before the debate with our new Women Can Stop Trump overlay to send a message to Trump, your friends, and everyone who may still be on the fence about this election.

To update your profile picture on Facebook or Twitter, just click the link and follow the three-step instructions to add the Women Can Stop Trump overlay.

Many people don’t just watch the TV during the debate. They’re also watching Facebook and Twitter to see what their friends are saying. And many reporters are looking to see how people are reacting to the candidates.

Imagine seeing your feeds FILLED with Women Can Stop Trump profile pictures during the debate. Powerful, right?

Update your profile picture before tonight’s debate (and consider keeping it up through Election Day because this message needs to be out there until we win):


Caitlin Mitchell
Vice President of Digital, EMILY’s List

Working is eating my lunch!

I know  that I say this every year. But it gets just slightly worse each year too.

Anyway I have not been doing my daily digital art (maybe a day or two…) and certainly have not been posting here. My last post was 9/13/16… but I really don’t have much to post.

I am working a yearlong program with Erin Faith Allen called Metamorph. Great program and thanks to my Son David and sister Erva for pitching in on the cost! Happy Early Christmas to me!

It is Friday night and I have just finished playing cards and plan to relax for the rest of the weekend (except for cleaning house tomorrow morning!)

10 Places I would like to visit in the past…

The Documented Life Project 2016 asked where you would like to visit in the past… and my answer is in two parts.

The first part is:

I would love to go back before my grandparents, parents, brother and nephew died and see them one more time…

and the other part is:

  1. Egypt, The Second Dynasty
  2. Rome during the expansion of the empire
  3. Victorian England
  4. Turkey during the Ottoman empire
  5. Greece in the pre-roman conquest era
  6. Hawaii before the whites arrived
  7. Italy during the time of DaVinci
  8. France during the Impressionist era
  9. China in the early dynasties
  10. When dinosaurs roamed the earth

This  was an interesting experiment. I have to admit that the visiting my dead relatives occured when I went to make this post, but that does not make it any less valid.