feministOK I was shocked at some of the reaction to the Women’s March. My great-niece (my late brother’s granddaughter) shared a post that was a take down of the march and marchers.  The article that she referenced was denigrating my right to protest. The poster stated that I was trying to represent her and she did not appreciate it. Well, I was only representing myself… and found great solace in being with 50,000 other like minded individuals who felt as I did… There is certainly something to be said for solidarity, most especially in Texas.20170121_073839

Millennials have a very narrow view of the world. When I graduated in 1967, going to college was something I always knew that I would do but not something available to everyone. Since I was an eccentric artist, I was not required to become either a nurse or teacher (really the only two avenues open to the regular female students). There was no glass ceiling, as it had not been thought of yet.  And after quitting school to get married, I worked in many jobs where, since I was a female, regardless of my position I was expected to fetch coffee for the men! I could go on but will not… Women these days can be anything they want to try for, and I am glad for them, but they do not appreciate the gains that prior generations worked for.  20170121_074324

And I am not implying that I do not have it cushy right now, but in the past as a single mother it was always tough to balance both making enough money to support my son and being able to spend the time needed to raise him in the way that I wanted. I was always feeling guilty, and was often stressed. But we both survived, and I often look back on those years and see how I could have made better choices, but that is water under the bridge. 20170121_130809

I worked hard all my life and now am retired. If the orange one wants to take my social security, I will have to fight him tooth and nail. I have paid into Social Security my whole life and it is my right, not a benefit.

#andsoitbegins has become my mantra. and I am very afraid of the direction that the US is taking. I see so many ominous and portentous events on the horizon, and we must all be vigilant about abuses that could lead us down the dark path.

A sad, sad day for America.

I refused to watch the inauguration (worked until 1:30 so that was not a stretch) and when I got home I got on Facebook and it has ALREADY started… his first speech!

Quoting Dan Rather here:

These are the swirling currents about our ship of state. We now have a new and untested captain. His power is immense, but it is not bestowed from a divinity on high. It is derived, as the saying goes, from the consent of the governed. That means President Trump now works for us – all of us. And if he forgets that, it will be our duty to remind him.


Rather’s final two sentences are a reminder that we need to maintain hope for our great nation’s future and not be beaten down by Trump’s authoritarian rhetoric. Like it or not, Trump is our president and we are not going let him act otherwise.

  • *Italics are from Occupy Democrats Website where I got this quote…

Sums up my feelings EXACTLY!!!


Jean Shinoda Bole

“Don’t Get Cynical” 
On ABC’s 60 Minutes the White House, Obama said “Don’t Get  Cynical” was a White House motto—they even had a sticker with this message on it. 
This led me to think about Hecate, the goddess of the crossroad, who was represented by a statue with three faces: one saw where you had come from, the other two saw down the two paths you might take. She is who you should consult with about choices: Which path to take? Which attitude to take?  Who will you listen to and heed?  The wise inner voice to take time for reflection can be called Hecate and the decision you make is often a soul choice. Will soul grow or be diminished? Will you heed love or listen to fear?  Do what is right or go along to get along? 

Pink Pussy Hat


the beginning a a third “pussy hat” to take to the Austin Womens March on Jan. 21. My apronista friends turned me onto this and I have shared it everywhere…

See some of you there…

for directions go to for crochet and knit directions.

Details of the Austin Tx march can be found on Facebook here:

or search for Womens March on ________ file in the blank with your state capital or large city near you.

Art Date

Friday I took myself on an art date. I had made plans with a friend (I have two tickets to exhibits at the Amon Carter Museum in Ft. Worth.) Anyway the plans fell through, so I went by myself.

No photos allowed in the Monet exhibit, but when you exit the exhibit, you enter a gallery of asian pieces. Photos are allowed there.20161230_124509








Amazing Ganesha sculpture…



This is for all my metamorph classmates.20161230_124606 I thought of Erin Faith Allen when I saw this one… Even though is is from the 1700’s


And this is just so contemporary…20161230_124716 even though it is from c. 1770
20161230_125812 20161230_125859I had seen some Monets in a Impreassionist retrospective in Albuquerque and some in Paris, but this was a pretty amazing exhibit. The exhibit closes at the end of January 2017.

My New Years Words

Several years ago I found a fantastic little snippet that I have used as a New Year’s greeting for the last three years. Today and two years ago today I shared it as words at church (Oak Cliff UU) The same saying was shared no less than 5 times today on facebook… hoping that I started a trend by sharing it two years ago…

Here it goes:

May your coming year be filled with magic and dreams and good madness.                                                                     I hope you read some fine books and kiss someone who thinks you are wonderful,                                                     and don’t forget to make some art – write or draw or build or sing or live as only you can.                                           And I hope, somewhere in the coming year, you surprise yourself.                                                                                                                                                                   Neal Gaiman


without grace, but with persistence

Persistence pays off and my late blooming orange-ish Christmas cactus is in full glory…



but my pink one is persistent (if not as graceful)20161230_083400

Anyway, Quinn Creative posted today and there is a quote in her post (see the entire post HEREthat just tickled my fancy…

… look at where you started in 2016 and how far you have come. Overcoming difficulties. Skirting tough times with grace. OK, without grace, but with persistence. Looking back to see how far you have come is a necessary step to keep moving ahead.

My word for the year is RESISTANCE, and yes I mean that in caps…

Should make for a very interesting 2017.

Isn’t there an old adage “May you live in interesting times”

Have a Happy New Year!


Christmas Day… Odd Duck??



This is the card that I drew on Xmas day…

Since I don’t “DO” Xmas, Dec. 24th and 25th are often awkward for me and the family.

I no longer buy presents because of many factors. I have never been a shopper and hate the crowds in December. And the commercialization of the holiday, along with conspicuous consumerism, makes me a crazy person. So, I make charitable contributions to deserving causes that I support instead of individal gifts. This often does not make me popular with my grandchildren, but that no longer matters to me. It keeps me out of the mall maddness and makes me a much happier person.

I had been very weepy over Xmas last year, and the trend continues this year. I think that it is not having my Mother, and that baffles me. I think that I have accepted her death, but Xmas was always a very family oriented holiday while she was still alive. Anyway, weepiness continues and seems to baffle my son. Only time will make this better.

I walked the Labryinth at Church on Sunday. It has recently been refurbished, and seems to have lost some character in the process. There was a tree in the layout, and the labryinth WENT AROUND IT… and I thought that was so charming. But alas, the tree was not stable and had to be removed. 20161225_112811This is the new labryinth and it is








perfectly serviceable, but lacking the charm the old site had. Anyway, another weepy thing, and as I walked and made my way to the center, I let go of my Mother and Father, after telling them that I missed them… Hopefully this will help with the weepiness {but probably not…}.

My Christmas Cactus (after I knocked the original bloom off…) is slow in blooming this year. But it is getting ready to bloom all over the place! Maybe it is a New Year Cactus??20161225_123317-copy

After releasing my parents, I sat for a time in our memorial garden. Amid the detritus, Daffodils are getting ready to bloom. Life goes on.

Use Your Childhood SUPER POWER

Quinn Creative, as usual, has posted a blog post HERE that simply blew me out of the water. It is clammy, dreary and ugly outside here and that always pre-disposes me to melancholia. It is very oppressive since the death of my Mother in April 2013, the election only made things worse, and holidays add to the burden. I have been weepy and upset all morning, and suddenly realized that I had not even thought about my word for the year. I have been setting a word for the year since about 2010. It replaces making those futile new year’s resolutions.

I usually set my word and we discuss the words and their implicaitons on Quinn’s site. In the prior year she suggested that we re-evaluate the word on the day we were born, and if it is no longer applicable, change it. As stated above, my was working until Nov. 8…

But this year Quinn has another idea. USE YOUR CHILDHOOD SUPER POWER! To quote Quinn:

“You already have a skill that helps you maneuver around, over, and through your inner critic. It’s usually a survival skill you developed in childhood. You might have forgotten about it, you might need to upgrade it to an adult version, but you have a powerful, personal skill that is part of your DNA.” See the entire post HERE

I picked my word for the year this morning as I moped around… RESIST. It perked me right up…