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If you are not familiar with Quinn Creative, she is one of the blogs that I follow regularly. She is a very wise woman and often zings in on what is timely, or that is impacting my life. She teaches writing to corporate clients, and I am linking to her post today on writing.

We see with our personality

” And the way your reader sees your writing is not the way you see it, either. At some point, we have to move from describing the world as we see it to the way our reader can understand it. That’s what writing is. It’s hard. But well worth learning.”

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Small Actions

It is as if a scale is about to tip in favor of higher consciousness, and each one of us has the power to bring humanity closer to that point with the smallest of actions. Each time we move in the direction of our dreams and visions, we can visualize another small pebble dropping into the pond, or another gold weight on the scale, rippling and tipping our way to universal awakening.

I have no source for this, and I apologize. I discovered this post in my drafts from Jan. 2018, but I really want to share this…

Who would be 6 people that you would invite to dinner?

Another interesting question gleaned from the interwebs.

I would have to have several dinner parties. And I could find 6 people for each of them.

Left Floye Clayton. right Jay Adkisson, front Onie Clayton

The first dinner party that I would have to have would be with the 6 people that I miss most: My dear Daddy Lonnie J. Adkisson, my beloved mother Floye C. Adkisson, my brother Tom Sampson, My Grandfather Allen H. Clayton, my grandmother Onie Scott Clayton, and my grandmother Lonnie Adkisson. These are my ancestors and are sorely missed each day.

My second dinner party for 6 would be my Sister in law Judy Sampson, my nephews Jeffery Yarborough and Ben Correll, my cousin Freddie Sloan, my great niece Amber Yarborough and Amber’s aunt Mary Kelly. These are victims of suicide and I would like to ask them why…

And of course I would have to have my celebrity dinner party, and these choices are a lot harder: Yul Brynner, who I had an ENORMOUS crush on for most of my younger years; Paul Newman, Humphrey Bogart, Katherine Hepburn, President Kennedy and Egyptian President Anwar Sadat. These are people who I have admired for many years.

I guess that these people are an odd combination, and I will have to ponder that.

If ever there was a time for art, it’s now.

I just read a fantastic article shared by Lani Gerrity Glanville on why art is important now:

“There is glory in each day, for each of us. It is waiting to be illuminated and observed. Auden wrote that poetry makes nothing happen, but in our hearts and in our lives, we know that is not true. Art has the power to alter our interior selves, and in so doing to inspire, exhilarate, provoke, connect, and rouse us. As we are changed, our souls are awakened to possibility—immeasurable, yes, and potentially infinite. If ever there was a time for art, it’s now.” Claire Messud


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What is your constant thread stitched through your day-to-day?

This is a very interesting question, asked on the interwebs.

In the past, it would have been low grade dread… pre-retirement of course.

Post retirement, it would have to be art. I have been able to just about what I want when I want since I have retired, and I have enjoyed all of that thouroghly. I sat down today and looked through all my digital collages (a daily practice with a FB group that I have been doing for several years, though it seems like forever! I do some amazing things, and the occasional ringer! But so far I have always realized that it is a ringer, and usually replace it. Only occasionally have I let the occasional ringer through, and then regret it every time that I see that particular piece. Oh well…

view from our hotel room in London, April 2016. Gold boat to the right is the Queen’s…



Love Cells

A member of my Monday night womyns group, Georgia, had a very interesting take on a very hot subject the other night. She said “If we believe in Terror Cells, we should also believe in Love Cells.” So anytime we meet, we invoke a Love Cell. If everyone started doing it, it certainly would make a difference.