Working is eating my lunch!

I know  that I say this every year. But it gets just slightly worse each year too.

Anyway I have not been doing my daily digital art (maybe a day or two…) and certainly have not been posting here. My last post was 9/13/16… but I really don’t have much to post.

I am working a yearlong program with Erin Faith Allen called Metamorph. Great program and thanks to my Son David and sister Erva for pitching in on the cost! Happy Early Christmas to me!

It is Friday night and I have just finished playing cards and plan to relax for the rest of the weekend (except for cleaning house tomorrow morning!)

10 Places I would like to visit in the past…

The Documented Life Project 2016 asked where you would like to visit in the past… and my answer is in two parts.

The first part is:

I would love to go back before my grandparents, parents, brother and nephew died and see them one more time…

and the other part is:

  1. Egypt, The Second Dynasty
  2. Rome during the expansion of the empire
  3. Victorian England
  4. Turkey during the Ottoman empire
  5. Greece in the pre-roman conquest era
  6. Hawaii before the whites arrived
  7. Italy during the time of DaVinci
  8. France during the Impressionist era
  9. China in the early dynasties
  10. When dinosaurs roamed the earth

This  was an interesting experiment. I have to admit that the visiting my dead relatives occured when I went to make this post, but that does not make it any less valid.

Mercury Retrograde

Do you feel a low grade reluctance to do anything today? Are you trying to start a project and the universe seems to be against it?


Beginning today and running through Sept. 22 Mercury is retrograde, that is it seems to stop and go backwards! You should not take on new projects at this time, and may experience lethargy, lack of “gumption” as my Daddy would say.

I never believed in this astrological mumbo-jumbo but when I discovered Mercury Retrograde at a meeting in Albuquerque, it started to make sense. I had been swimming upstream, salmon-like and bashing my head agains the rocks trying to accomplish a goal. No matter what i tried, it just did not work out! A visiting astrloger pointed out that Mercury is retrograde and that could be what was wrong.

I started tracking Mecury Retrograde and it proved to be the case! I now always know when Mercury is Retrograde and just do not try to do anything new, and at the least suggestion of push-back, wait until Mercury Retrograde passes. This has made mt life soooo much simpler, and I accomplish so much more…

Keep it in mind and see if you don’t feel the pull of Mercury Retrograde from Aug. 30 to Sept. 22! The next Mercury Retrograde is Dec. 19th! so be pre-warned.

Moments of the Holy

During church service this AM at my UU church our Minister, Mark Walz, asked about a time you were in a moment of holy, or sacred.

I call this Grace, and there have been several moments of grace in my lifetime. One of the first that I remember is seeing the ocean for the first time. It was AMAZINGbeach_trip2


Another moment of grace was seeing the Rose Window in the Notre Dame with my then husband Larry. I said “when  saw that window, I knew I had looked upon the face of god… {this was before my conversion to the Goddess…)lar_shari_paris_sm2


Another grace moment was when I finally left Germany, and got to see my beloved Cutie again…sja_cutieI experienced weekend of grace with my Apronista friends at the cabin in the mountains in Cloudcroft NM. We could not have asked for a more graceful period, including seeing baby elk every evening,

IMG_2980The Three Rivers Petroglyph site In Three Rivers NM was a site of grace. Just the thought of our ancestors, thousands of years ago leaving this record for me to see was astonishing.

And the ultimate moment of grace was giving birth to my son, David. No pics of that, thank the goddess as it was a C Section and rather messy…

I have had my moments of grace, and have been in awe of them as they occur and for years afterward. Just thinking about the moment I saw the Rose Window, or the moment my Cutie Pie saw me still takes my breath away. And the birth of my son still confounds my senses, even more so now that he is a 40 year old!

Reminds me of a quote: When I die I want every event to be recorded with either a picture or a scar!

The Skin We Are In

BadAss Quilters Society, in reaciton to the censorship of a quilt, is setting up a new show, The Skin We Are In. See my previous post for details…

I have a quilt already made titled “Reveling in Post-Menopausal Zest” that I will enter and I will have to create a quilted version of my apron reading “I did not come from your rib, you came from my vagina…”.
Must get busy on this new quilt.