Another message from the Universe

If you’re really honest, Shari, you have to admit that things today, in your most amazing life, at this most amazing time in history, are far better than they’ve ever, ever been.

Well done,
The Universe

My messages from the Universe certainly zero in on things I am thinking about. This week I had a dear friend who stopped at DFW on her way west and spent a few days with me. We lived in Albuquerque at the same time, but since have both moved.

Showing her my life, it did make me realize how good that I do have it. I have a gorgeous place to live, people to play cards with, a pool to exercise in, plans for the future with my son and daughter-in-law, fuzzy aliens who live with me and whom I love, a great spiritual resource in the UUCOC,   great friends and great neighbors.

At this point in my life I appreciate all the things that I do have, but I am concerned that some of the things I have predicated the rest of my life on are being threatened, including my Social Security and Medicare. But I cannot dwell on those things, as I am so grateful for all that I do have and intend to enjoy as long as they are here!

Message from the Universe

Some days these are right on and some days they are just…

But this one was spot on…

I always knew I could count on you to uncover the truth, Shari, when others just played “follow the leader.” I wasn’t surprised at all to find you standing by your principles when the going got tough. And there was never any doubt in my mind that when faced with a fork in the road, you’d take the path less traveled.

I just had no idea you’d have such expensive taste.

You so rock,
The Universe

Waning Crescent Moon in Taurus…

I have been paying more attention to cycles in my life. Since I am post-menopausal, my menstrual cycle (the basis of years of cycles…) is no longer present, or not to the same extent it was before menopause.

There was a Facebook post this morning about what phase of the moon you were born under and I checked it out. My results are


and there is a link where you can check your birthday… I found the description of my moon phase to be very interesting… and mostly spot on.

Check yours out…


Neat Text Idea

Julie Fei-Fan Balzer ( just posted a very neat idea. The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art is offering a text input. Send a text to 572-51 that starts with “send me” and see what you get (i.e. send me bridges)!

If you want to see the entire post and what Julie got from her send me… click HERE

I would post my results, but they are on my new phone and I don’t know who to do that. Something I must learn!