I belong to a womyn’s group called SPIN

We meet weekly and two weeks ago Kathy (the Spin Goddess) had us state an intention. Immediately I thought about some batik squares that I bought many years ago, and they had been lost in my stash! (sorry for the pic quality)

So I said “I will finish the Black Quilt.” I had this quilt in my mind for several months after I re-discovered these blocks during my letting go process (the subject of another series of posts). I actually laid out a plan (so unlike my usual steps) and started adding the black sashing.

This is one iteration with piano keys added to the top square.

This was the result (sorry for the blurry pics, I was having camera problems).

This was not what I had in mind, so I UN-SEWED the piano keys. I wish that I had decided that I did not like this BEFORE I had sewed them on, but I work very intuitively and was just not liking the piano key. But the piecing will start me on a chinese coin quilt which is the piano key columns sashed with a solid color. Nothing is ever lost in quiltworld. 

This is the second iteration and will be surrounded by black.

BTW I stopped this post and went and unpacked my actual camera (I had been using my cell phone camera and the results are not satisfactory). No more blurry pics…