Self Sabotage to the MAX!

OK started a new job today, and boy did my self sabotage kick in BIG TIME.

I have been following a new eating routine, restricting both sugar and flour, and had been very successful Tuesday through Thursday. Had to be at the new job at 6:30 (ungodly, I know…) so I set the alarm on my phone to 4:30. Went to bed early for me at 10:30. I woke up at 12:30 and then went back to sleep. The next time my eyes opened it was 5:55. It takes a good 20 minutes to get to the job, so I was energized immediately. Jumped up, brushed my teeth, threw some water on my hair, washed the minimum of body parts and fed the cat. I was out of the house by 6:10 and in the office at 6:28. There was a LITTLE bit of speeding involved, but luckily at that time cop coverage was minimal.

I did not have time to get anything to drink, or make my lunch or have breakfast! I did manage to grab a banana as I fed the cats! So that effectively sabotaged my new eating routine, as I was STARVING by the time I got to work. Nothing good in the machines for breakfast, but I did  eat the meat and cheese from a turkey sandwich (no bread) and had water for lunch.

Anyway, starting Monday we have to be there at 7 instead of 6:30 so that is some relief. Will get back on the eating routine in the AM and set multiple alarms so my self sabotage does not bite me in the butt again!


Changes are afoot… and Low Flying Dreams

I am in a period of transition (I KNOW!! another ONE!!!) and so many things are making a huge confluence at a point in the not too distant future! And one of my mentors, Fethline Stewart {aka Effy Wild} made a great post today HERE click for the entire post.

I am sharing a tidbit that REALLY struck me:

“Here’s the thing, and maybe it’s a product of how rough a start I had in life; I have low flying dreams. My dreams are for small things. Enough of everything and maybe a little bit extra. A happy dog. Fresh coffee. A view of the changing leaves outside my window. Candlelight in the evening and sunshine during the day. A decent amount of sleep. A reduced level of anxiety. Sunsets. Moon bathing. A decent working computer. Enough money to pay my rent and sustain my business expenses.”

I just want enough. And I have that. And so it is.”

I used Contentment as my word for the year for 2014 and 2015. I am still seeking contentment, and will use another word this year.But contentment is still a goal of mine, and the concept of low flying dreams intrigues me.

“thanx” Effy for sharing

A potpourri post!

Favorite colors

Lynn Krawczyk of Smudged Design Studio is offering chance to win a free Thermofax Screen Printing video. As part of her post she asked what your favorite color was. My reply was “oh wow, that would be like choosing which child is your favorite (even tho I only have one child VBG!) but these are my current go to colors:

You can tell that they are well used! I have had the iridiscent Gold for many years, as a little of it goes a LONG way.

47 years ago today…

I married the first love of my life Larry Gene O’Daniel in Cloudcroft NM. We had a very tumultous and passionate life together (we were both Pisces…) and the other great love of my life came from this union, my son David Brian O’Daniel. Larry is gone now, and I do remember all the great times we had together…

This was our going away picture and you can see the cans tied to the back of our car in the background… “thanx” Erva Yarborough and Glenn O’Daniel! What you can’t see is the writing on the car in black shoe polish, which never really came off of the hood of the car!

Facebook withdrawal #facebooksabbatical

Oh wow, this may be more difficult than I thought. Several times yesterday, when I had a break from {UGH – house} cleaning I would think, Oh, check Facebook, but I resisted the urge.

I really enjoy Facebook and all my friends and their postings, so I will probably take a much shorter sabbatical than originally planned. Just long enough to blow the cobwebs from my brain, evaluate what I will do with the time gained from no FB, and the time to decide what tactic I will take on my issues with Facebook.

Here is my daily collage posting for today…May the wisdom of my inner crone lead me…


Facebook strikes again…

Someone very near and dear to my heart has caused me to question my presence on Facebook once again.

Something  that was offensive and objectionable on many levels was posted by this person, and it just hit one of my many buttons. This person and I have a lot in common and agree on most topics, but the political beast reared its head this morning.  I have been re-considering a lot of my posts and shares, out of trying to not offend my family {most of whom are very conservative} and this felt uncomfortable to me. I am very opinionated and don’t like to throttle my expression. I felt that I had to do that on Facebook, and that is part of the reason I am taking a FB sabbatical.

There are so many friends that I only communicate with via FB {all of my Egyptian trip friends, and those I have met in art classes, etc.} and I will miss them. Perhaps I will re-evaluate and come back in September and unfriend those who I feel  may be offended by my posts and my liberal leanings.

Only time will tell.

Cecil and Hunting…

I took the demise of Cecil the Lion to heart. It is so hard to see such a magnificent beast taken for a trophy!

I grew up in a hunting household and having guns and traipsing over the mountains of Southern New Mexico was something that was just done every fall.

My sister and I, about 6 and 8, accompanied our Dad on a rare afternoon hunt (I did not want to get up at the crack of dawn to go to the mountains). Daddy killed a perfectly legal fawn, but he still had his spots, and Erva and I were both upset and crying. I know that my Daddy was disappointed that neither one of us understood about hunting, and I only accompanied him on one other hunting expedition. I was in high school and we were on the way home from somewhere, and for some reason Daddy shot a fox. It screamed with such a human pitch that I had bad dreams about that sound for months.

Needless to say, we did not do any more hunting with my Daddy, and he was surely glad when among my two siblings and I we produced 6 sons! They all grew up with guns and hunting, and I am afraid that I may have alienated some of them with my anti-hunting posts after Cecil was killed. I do apologize for that and hope that there no permanently hurt feelings!

I can say that my father taught us that we must eat everything that was killed. I cannot accept trophy hunting, especially an ELEPHANT, LION, RHINO or GIRAFFE. I can even see native people’s taking bush meat, but not endangered or rare animals.

So Allen, Chuck, Terry J, Dennis, Lacey and Crystal, please take my rants with a grain of salt and know that I did not mean to hurt anyone’s feelings and I support your hunting options, but please no African animals!