Art by the Yard, weathering, First Month

This art piece, from an exhibit earlier this year, is made from recycled calendars and other papers. A few years ago Seth Apter asked artists to place packets of papers and fibers out in the weather and watch how they aged. I did not find this until after the experiment was over, but I decided to put this piece out on my balcony and record it’s weathering.

I went on vacation and after I came back, put the art piece on a metal shepherds hook. The attachment is not very pretty, but I did not want the whole piece to blow away in the first spring wind that sprang up in Albuquerque (there is a LOT of wind in New Mexico year round, but most especially int he spring months!).

So April will be the first month of this experiment… IT is alternating strings of folded paper from heavier calendar paper and round circles of heavy but coarse music paper. The Circles must be more aerodynamic and are of lighter paper, so they float, twist and twine around each other. I have already unwound them twice, but will not do that anymore. I will post again in May and monthly until I take the piece down.

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