Summary for June

On June 1, I started a new regime. I was going to re-start my 14 Secrets practice of doing a collage a day (except for Sunday), and make more blog posts here.

Success! I have made 27 collages during the 30 days of June so that was good! and I have made 19 blog posts in June. So. both of those are good things.

watercolor ink flow background grunge texture

I was also going to try to exercise more, which I have done, but not to the degree that I wanted to. We have started our annual Water Aerobics in the pool, but my schedule has only let we work out or lead the class for a few times. And I have not been able to do regular exercise without pulling a muscle! Oh well… there has been some progress.

And I have made progress on the “manual” (i.e. non-digital) art front. I am enrolled in three different on-line art classes (the Continuing Metamorph with Erin Faith Allen

{which I have not been able to rejoin…}, a free Retreat with Amber Bonnici, and Ordered Chaos with Dina Wakley) and have another one with Erin Faith Allen that starts in late August. So the manual art front is looking good!

I have rejoined the writing group at the Senior Center and so my writing practice is starting up again. Bridge continues, at an accelerated pace…

June was a success all around!

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