4th of July Pledge

The Pledge of Allegiance to Each Other

We the people are committed to our neighbors next door and miles away. We pledge to one another to live into a visionary American story of unity in diversity, and hope over fear.

To myself:
I pledge to love myself so that I might better love my neighbor.

To my neighbors:
I pledge to meet you at the table of community in which we can all thrive.

To those around the table:
I pledge to listen deeply to understand where your story intersects with and diverges from mine.

To each other:
We commit the time and energy needed to create a greater future. I will walk beside you, knowing that we may not get there quickly but we will get there together.


This 4th of July, do you pledge to stand with each other? To listen deeply and walk alongside one another — even in moments where we disagree?

Take the pledge for this 4th of July and beyond

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