On Creativity

I think that this is one of the best statements on Creativity I have seen:

Creativity, please keep in mind, is not about painting, singing, or artistry. Creative energy really should be understood in the broadest way you can imagine, beginning with our relationship to our life force itself. We must utilize the life force running through us each day. Walking, eating, breathing are “acts of creation”. We may not think of those basic acts of life as creative artistry, but they qualify as acts of creation. Using our energy in any way is an “act of creation” – period. Every choice we make, every thought we construct, every personal judgment we make, every emotion we feel – all of these little inner flutters – send sparks of our life force into acts of creation. Some may only amount to one more psychic free radical sent off into the collective consciousness to mate up with the billions and zillions of other psychic free radicals our endless negative thought forms generate, but these are micro-creative acts.  Carolyn Myss

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