This cheered me up this Morning

Message from the Universe:

Think back to a happy time, Shari, a really, really happy time in your life. Go back as far as it takes, to a time when you felt so light you thought you might float.


Do you remember it? The carefree feeling? The acceptance of the moment, of yourself, of life? Feeling unfettered by thoughts of the future and oblivious to the past?


Feel it a little longer…


There. Very nice.



The Universe

A time that I always treasure was in 1967, a very eventful year for me, I graduated from High School, went away to college, lost my virginity, fell in love and had a most wonderful time. Of course this was also my #METOO moment… but that was survivable.

Anyway, it was November and I had a late afternoon class. Snow was expected, which was very unusual for southern New Mexico. I had on my favorite coat, a navy Pea Coat and I felt pretty and happy (I was also in love… sigh…). On my walk across campus it started snowing and it was magical. Snowballs were thrown and I felt light and airy…

Great feeling and this post brought it back to me instantly, even though it was 50 years ago… Memory is amazing.

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