My Sunday routine

My Sunday routine has varied very little for the last 30 years… or however long CBS Sunday Morning has been on the air. I started watching it when Charles Kuralt was the host and drove around in an RV.

At that point, my life did not include any church services on Sunday morning, and I had to make accomodation when I started attending the Unitarian Universalist church in Houston in 1998. Luckily I lived close enough to the church that I could watch the all but the last 10-12 minutes of the show and still be almost on time for church!

2017 was a tough year for me, and so I have changed my routine again, but expanded not contracted it. I have been unable to get the gumption to attend church after our beloved minister retired last year. So now my routine has allowed me to watch both CBS Sunday Morning and CBS Face the Nation. No political rant here…

I am not set in my ways {well…} but I do enjoy CBS Sunday Morning. Although I am still adjusting to the new host {Jane Pauley}.

4 thoughts on “My Sunday routine

  1. This is the first Sunday that we have NOT been able to watch CBS Sunday Morning. We cut the cord on cable a few years ago and got indoor over the air antennas for our 3 tv’s. We were able to get CBS until this week. They moved frequencies, so … my Sunday Morning routine is changing. Maybe I can see it later on Hulu or some place. I hope you enjoyed the show and your Sunday.

    • Hope thatt you get CBS back, and yes I did enjoy my Sunday morning routine! You might check on streaming CBS on your computer…

  2. I love reading about your Sunday morning routine…sounds like mine…except I don’t watch Charles…I usually leisurely go through the Sunday paper and then rush to church:)

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