My Times in Trumpism…

This will not be a political rant {although it would be SOOOOO EASY to do}.

I am watching Frontline “Trumps Takeover”. If you get a chance, you really must watch this on PBS.

Anyway, to get back to the title of the piece.

I am mystified by all the people who say they do not understand Trump. Before I retired I was in the corporate world for 40 years. I started out as an inventory control clerk and finally worked my way up to Associate Vice President… so I have seen a lot.

I have worked for several Trumps over the years. They are totally in control of a huge conglomerate, and they can mold this organization to their will. They decree and the staff make those decrees come to fruition. That is just the way it goes.

An unnamed President of a Fortune 500 company that I worked for was brought in to “whip” our division into shape as we were being considered for a buyout by a major copier company. This particular President came in and battened down the hatches. In order to bring our bottom line into better shape he eliminated any overtime, denied any purchases and completely stopped ordering office supplies including copier paper! We had to beg for paper, pencils and pens, but since he was in charge, we had to make it work. I guess that it was successful, as the division was purchased by that major copier company!

So these are my Trumpisms. As I said I have worked for many Trumps over my time in the corporate world and understand how Trump looks at the world.

You can make you own conclusions.

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