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Shari Adkisson

NM Creatrix and the Creativity Continium

Shari Adkisson is a southwesterner, born and bred. The mountains, the high desert, the sere colors and the fantastic sunsets appeal to her artistic temperament.  Though not a native New Mexican, she moved to Albuquerque after being “downsized” in Houston in 2002. Albuquerque was a very good fit, and Shari opened the Creativity Continium in the up and coming EDO (East downtown) district at the Plaza Escalante. There she was a founding member of the Plaza Escalante Artists Group. She offered classes at her studio, including Marry Your Muse and other artistic classes and pursued her personal interest in fibre arts of all kinds and multi-media work.

After closing her studio, Shari was offered a technical position with a Fortune 500 company and excelled there for 8 years. She also continued offering workshops at various venues in New Mexico.

After her recent retirement, Shari is ready to hit the ground running. As the NM Creatrix she is now currently offering the Marry Your Muse curriculum and in addition is offering a new course titled “Facebook ain’t the only one with a Timeline!”, an amazing Mask workshop and other courses still in development.

As the Computer Creatrix, Shari combines her left brain nrrd and right brain artist to create killer websites, and offers instructions in personal computer operation, assistance with all phases of the burgeoning social media scene and one on one consulting in a calm and non-threatening manner for the new computer user.

Shari has a lifelong interest in art, studied art at New Mexico State University, obtained an Associate’s degree in Computer Networking from Texas State Technical College and continues to be an avid student of the arts and life in general.

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5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I’m planning to move to Albuquerque. Can you give me some tips on safe neighborhoods for a 68 year old artist looking for a 1 bedroom apartment.

    • Sorry I need to update this link, I am now living in Dallas. There are some very nice areas (I lived in the upper heights off of Tramway…) but I am not sure how things might have changed since I left. You might check on Facebook and the internet for Rainbow Artists in Albuquerque, as that is a woman’s art group…

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