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Making Computer Magic
The Computer Creatrix (aka Shari Adkisson) can make your computer dreams come true with a truly unique service. Whether you are an artist who wants to have a greater web presence or set up a dazzling new site, a business person who wants to set up a web presence or spiff up your existing website, or a home user baffled by all the hoopla, The Computer Creatrix is here to assist you. She tailors her services to your particular needs and offers a free initial consultation.  
  • For the Artist, she offers the following:

  • Free initial consultation with the artist to lay out wishes and wants for a web presence.
  • The ability to translate your personal artistic outlook and personal aesthetics in the technical “gobbledgook” needed for your vision to appear, as if by magic on the computer screen.
  • The ability to create and maintain on-line class content for your artistic endeavors and to either assist you in maintaining and uploading new content, or maintaining the site for you.
  • The ability to allow you to maintain and update new content and the site content, or to retain The Computer Creatrix to maintain and update the site for you. Constant attention ensures more reader engagement.

  • Continuing support and maintenance for all web issues

  • The Computer Creatrix can be contracted to process all administrative issues involved with your web presence.

  • For the general Business Person:
  • Working with you business, plans and vision to present your content in a business like but engaging manner to offer you services to a much wider audience.
  • Working with you to maintain and update content to ensure continued reader engagement, either through your personal involvement, or through hands on maintenance by the Computer Creatrix.
  • For the General User
    • If you have a  computer and are not fully using the fantastic capabilities of the internet or your machine
    • If you are baffled by the myriad opportunities (Facebook, email, video, pictures) and need help wading through all those TLAs (three letter acronyms: ISP, USB, etc) 
    • If you are baffled by all those arcane error messages you receive
  • Click on the link to see how the Wyld Womyn Nrrd can translate your needs and wants into an amazing web presence.

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