Womyn’s Work

Womyn’s Work is a art collaborative that came together to create the Apron Happenin’ in Albuquerque during the month of March, 2012.

The Orignal Apron created by Ginger Quinn

Charter members are Shari Adkisson (NM Creatrix), Ginger Quinn (Goddess Garb by Ginger) and Suzanne Visor (Painted Sky Silk). The idea for an installation was brainstormed by these three artists, and they decided to call the group Womyns Work and to use aprons to exemplify the installation for Women’s History Month. Aprons seem to … (add description). Permission was obtained from Ginger’s landlord to use the vacant lot next to her house, and the project took off from there.

Visualising 100 aprons wafting in the breeze, the three original members of the group decided they would have to recruit other artists to pull this off…  Dorothy Dodd, Janine Al-Bayati, Jacquline Hertel, Nova DeNise and Winona Fetherolf  formed the core group.

We spread the word, and soon artists from all over the country were contributing aprons to the installation.

We hung the installation in time for a March 3 opening date, to co-incide with Albuquerque’s celebration of Women’s History month and held our dedication on March 9 (??) to coincide with the full moon. Of course, it was one of the coldest days of the month, and we wore our aprons over our coats and huddled around a brazier that Nova had the forethought to bring. We celebtrated with milk and cookies!

We are already working the 2013 Apron Happenin’, and plan on having both an indoor and outdoor component, as we loved the visual impact of aprons tied together and blowing in the breeze.


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