Creativity Continium

con·tin·u·um/kənˈtinyo͞oəm/ Noun:

A continuous sequence in which adjacent elements are not perceptibly different from each other, although the extremes are quite distinct. Merriam-Webster Dictionary

I love the idea of a continium (although I spelled it to rhyme with millenium… another one of my favorite words). The Creativity Continium offers a spectrum of creative adventures to enable you to find your creative soul–yes everyone has one! I have a continium of identities, NM Creatrix who is responsilbe for the Creativity Continium and most artistic ventures, and The Computer Creatrix who handles Computer Magic in general and the Wyld Womyn Nrrd who combines the two often opposite selves!

Classes include the phenomenal Marry Your Muse program  which will lead you into finding and honoring the artist within all of us. Through meditation, journaling, music, art, writing and deep listening, you will find that artistic soul even if it is buried deep within you. Based on groundbreaking work of Jan Phillips (, this intimate workshop will offer you avenues to explore your artistic sensibilities and talents in a non-threatening and supportive manner. Make a commitment, find inspiration,  honor the voice within, overcome barriers and find your bliss. The week long class will be held at DreamCatcherRanch and the weekly classes will be held in the fall at a location to be determined.

“Facebook ain’t the only one with a Timeline!” is a day long class that will guide you in gathering time line input (old photos, datebooks, report cards, etc) to make you own personal timeline. Using your input makes this timeline a one of a kind creation, and allows you to embellish it or not, as the fancy strikes you. In analyzing the timeline you may intuit patterns that were never obvious to you before, and this can allow you deep personal insight.

Mask Making is another day long venue that will allow you a glimpse into the real you. Using found objects, paper, flowers, feathers and paint, you can discover the real you, or embellish the you that you display to the world everyday. This is always a very intense class, with members gaining amazing insight into themselves. Really looking at a representation of your face, not the face that you see in the mirror each morning, but the face that others see every day, can be a definite eye opener.

Art for Dabblers: Dabbler: One who is open to artistic and creative exploration, but has not found their artistic “niche”. Art for Dabblers is a 6 week program of simple, easy but creative art endeavors. This class is for beginners and adventurous creative persons of almost any age. No art experience is necessary.

Week One: Notans; Week Two: Stampin’ Around; Week Three: Fabric Beads; Week Four: Paper Fabric; Week Five: “Faux Batik”; Week Six: Quiltlets; Week Seven: Bonus Class, Plastic Fabric.

This class will allow “dabblers” to experience 6 different artistic modes for expression, using easy to follow directions. You may find your artistic “Niche”!


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