Carry the Future

Imagine having literally run for your lives, crossing over whole countries, across dangerous seas. After you arrive in a refugee camp in a new country, you, your whole family, and all your worldly possessions are in one small room—or tent. But what about the new baby?

Babies are to be celebrated and loved, cherished and honored. Carry the Future brings life-saving essentials to refugee babies and new moms. Your generous donations show them that they have not been forgotten. Their children are our children, and every donation, big or small, makes a difference in these precious lives.

Jill Thomas
Baby Bed Program Coordinator

Get involved now: Help mamas and babies in Jordan

Did you know that Jordan currently hosts 1.2 million displaced refugees, including many young families? There’s a huge need for baby essentials in camps, and there’s no better group to answer the call than Carry the Future!

Between June 1-30, get together with friends and put together baby bundlesthat include:

  • 2 newborn onesies (size 0-3 months)
  • 1 newborn footed sleeper (size 0-3 months)
  • 1 infant hat
  • 1 small toy
  • 2 washcloths
  • 1 baby care kit (nail clippers, nasal aspirator, comb, brush, etc)
  • 1 receiving blanket
  • A personal note of support

New, unused items only, please. Once you’ve collected your items, pack them in a clear gallon bag with a checklist showing what you’ve included and ship to:

Carry the Future
c/o VMS Services LLC
1351 Lathrop Street
Houston, TX 77020-7542

One more thing! New moms are also in need of diapers and feminine hygiene products, so please visit to make a $10 donation so we can buy these supplies locally.

Our drive goes from June 1-30, so get started now!

Love Chip and Joanna!


by Morna McEver Golletz

I’m an unabashed fan of the HGTV show Fixer Upper and its hosts, Joanna and Chip Gaines. I’ve been know to watch marathon style more than once, and I’ve even got my husband to watch with me. What is it about Joanna and Chip? They are real, their values come through in all they do, they work well as a team, they have fun, and, oh, she does have a terrific sense of style. I asked my husband about the show. He likes it because Chip and Joanna are motivated by the end result, helping others achieve their vision, and that money is not their motivator.

In October their book, The Magnolia Story, was published, and I knew it would be fun to read. It also offers lots of business and life lessons.

Head on over to the the blog to read some of the lessons I learned and share your thoughts.

Morna McEver Golletz is the founder and CEO of the International Association of Creative Arts Professionals where creative arts entrepreneurs craft business success. Her weekly e-zine offers tips, techniques and inspiration to help you craft business success from your creative arts passion. You can sign up for a FREE subscription at

Memorial Day Poetry Break…

I usually do not post twice in one day, but I found this on Facebook…


Memorial Day
by Dennis Caraher

High school band. Memorial Day.
Country cemetery. Marched all the way.
We stood in formation, took off our caps.
Stood with the nation, we played taps

Year before Kennedy, year before King.
Last year I cared about anything.
But for that moment, we were one.
Honoring soldiers

At Arlington.

Notes drifted across the plains.
Swallows signaled oncoming rain.
Station wagons, pickup trucks
Rescued us then turned to rust

We put on new uniforms
Crisp, creased. Tattered, well-worn
Some forget where we come from
Some come to rest

In Arlington

When he was twelve, took my only son
Lost ourselves in the Smithsonian
Then Abraham, above the Mall.
Then raised our hands, touched the wall.

Headstone horizon, eternal flame
Unknown lie with familiar names
Sacrificed daughters and sons
So I could cry

At Arlington

Message from the Universe…

Jet lag… and I am taking care of myself…

There are indeed times in every life when one must simply lay low, hide out, and just chill.

And usually it’s called sleep.

However, Shari, in between such times, by the light of the sun or a giant disco ball, I generally advocate as full a schedule as you can possibly manage.
Do the hustle,
The Universe

Some random pics from Europe

My battery was notoriously flaky during the whole trip (and I could not find my camera charger) so these are the only pics I took:View from our room, The Tower hotel in London, overlooking a dock with the Queens barge in the lower rightThe Iconic red call boxesThe Chunnel train

settling in on the chunnel trainDay 3 In our first Pub in Oxford Black or purple Tulips in Oxford
Cathedral in BathMexican food (???) in York
York Minster stained glass windowYork Minster FlagsThe organ in York MInsterA Close in Edinburgh (close is a small alley that goes steeply downhill from High Street)

Our Hotel, my room is in one of the cupolas on the next to top floor. I have never had a display window in a hotel room…it used to be a department store…

All in All it was a great trip. I will be getting copies Maxine and Debbies pics to post here