Message from the Universe

Shari, it’s supposed to be easy. Everything is supposed to be easy. Everything is easy. You live in a dream world. You’re surrounded by illusions. And the illusions change when you change your thinking!

Tell yourself it’s easy. Tell yourself often. Make it an affirmation. Eat, sleep, breathe it, and your life shall be transformed.

It’s supposed to be easy,
The Universe

Lesley Riley is speaking to me!

Lesley Riley, an aritst that I admire posted this today:

Start now.
Just go.
Do it.
Art is at the end of the stART.

If, by any chance, you didn’t go stART and you’re still sitting here reading this, here are five tips, tricks and strategies to help you start:

•    Schedule an art appointment on your calendar and KEEP it. It’s important for both your mental and physical health.
•    There are 72 – 20 minute blocks in every day. Grab a sheet of paper or a journal page. Draw 72 blocks. After filling in your committed time, I’m betting there is at least one 20 minute block available for art.
•    Commit to making art a habit. You have good habits (brushing your teeth) and bad habits (scrolling through Facebook). Use your spare 20 minute block for this new, good habit.
•    Allow yourself to play. Unless you’re working on a specific deadline, spending time creating without an agenda (playing) is more therapeutic and actually leads to more successful results in the long run.
•    Do what you can when you can. If you’re waiting until you have large expanses of uninterrupted time, get over it. It rarely happens. Paint backgrounds while cooking. Alter a book page while waiting at soccer practice. Journal in the doctor’s office, sketch at lunch. If it’s your dream to paint 8-foot canvases, paint 8-inch ones (or even the 3-inch) until your 8-foot time and place arrives.

“Don’t worry about quality. Act. Don’t reflect. Momentum is everything,” says Steven Pressfield in his book Do the Work. Working on something you love creates energy, creates endorphins, and creates a sense of timelessness, which is just what you are looking for…..more time.  Make the T-word your B-word!

I am making a date with myself for Tuesday!

And then I found this message from the Universe:

Starting something, Shari, is the best way to finish something.

And just doing a teeny, tiny something today, anything, from wherever you are, is the best way to start something.

I’m not just a client,
The Universe


feministOK I was shocked at some of the reaction to the Women’s March. My great-niece (my late brother’s granddaughter) shared a post that was a take down of the march and marchers.  The article that she referenced was denigrating my right to protest. The poster stated that I was trying to represent her and she did not appreciate it. Well, I was only representing myself… and found great solace in being with 50,000 other like minded individuals who felt as I did… There is certainly something to be said for solidarity, most especially in Texas.20170121_073839

Millennials have a very narrow view of the world. When I graduated in 1967, going to college was something I always knew that I would do but not something available to everyone. Since I was an eccentric artist, I was not required to become either a nurse or teacher (really the only two avenues open to the regular female students). There was no glass ceiling, as it had not been thought of yet.  And after quitting school to get married, I worked in many jobs where, since I was a female, regardless of my position I was expected to fetch coffee for the men! I could go on but will not… Women these days can be anything they want to try for, and I am glad for them, but they do not appreciate the gains that prior generations worked for.  20170121_074324

And I am not implying that I do not have it cushy right now, but in the past as a single mother it was always tough to balance both making enough money to support my son and being able to spend the time needed to raise him in the way that I wanted. I was always feeling guilty, and was often stressed. But we both survived, and I often look back on those years and see how I could have made better choices, but that is water under the bridge. 20170121_130809

I worked hard all my life and now am retired. If the orange one wants to take my social security, I will have to fight him tooth and nail. I have paid into Social Security my whole life and it is my right, not a benefit.

#andsoitbegins has become my mantra. and I am very afraid of the direction that the US is taking. I see so many ominous and portentous events on the horizon, and we must all be vigilant about abuses that could lead us down the dark path.

A sad, sad day for America.

I refused to watch the inauguration (worked until 1:30 so that was not a stretch) and when I got home I got on Facebook and it has ALREADY started… his first speech!

Quoting Dan Rather here:

These are the swirling currents about our ship of state. We now have a new and untested captain. His power is immense, but it is not bestowed from a divinity on high. It is derived, as the saying goes, from the consent of the governed. That means President Trump now works for us – all of us. And if he forgets that, it will be our duty to remind him.


Rather’s final two sentences are a reminder that we need to maintain hope for our great nation’s future and not be beaten down by Trump’s authoritarian rhetoric. Like it or not, Trump is our president and we are not going let him act otherwise.

  • *Italics are from Occupy Democrats Website where I got this quote…

Sums up my feelings EXACTLY!!!


Jean Shinoda Bole

“Don’t Get Cynical” 
On ABC’s 60 Minutes the White House, Obama said “Don’t Get  Cynical” was a White House motto—they even had a sticker with this message on it. 
This led me to think about Hecate, the goddess of the crossroad, who was represented by a statue with three faces: one saw where you had come from, the other two saw down the two paths you might take. She is who you should consult with about choices: Which path to take? Which attitude to take?  Who will you listen to and heed?  The wise inner voice to take time for reflection can be called Hecate and the decision you make is often a soul choice. Will soul grow or be diminished? Will you heed love or listen to fear?  Do what is right or go along to get along? 

Pink Pussy Hat


the beginning a a third “pussy hat” to take to the Austin Womens March on Jan. 21. My apronista friends turned me onto this and I have shared it everywhere…

See some of you there…

for directions go to for crochet and knit directions.

Details of the Austin Tx march can be found on Facebook here:

or search for Womens March on ________ file in the blank with your state capital or large city near you.