Message From the Universe

Again… I am not sure how they know me so well????

In case you didn’t know, you couldn’t tell, or you haven’t heard…


If you’re reading this right now on a phone or computer, Shari, you’re rich.


If you have somewhere to go today, you’re connected.


And if there is anyone, anywhere, who for any reason knows where you are at this moment, you’re loved.


Dang, you just keep acing time and space.


Big time,

The Universe

On Creativity

I think that this is one of the best statements on Creativity I have seen:

Creativity, please keep in mind, is not about painting, singing, or artistry. Creative energy really should be understood in the broadest way you can imagine, beginning with our relationship to our life force itself. We must utilize the life force running through us each day. Walking, eating, breathing are “acts of creation”. We may not think of those basic acts of life as creative artistry, but they qualify as acts of creation. Using our energy in any way is an “act of creation” – period. Every choice we make, every thought we construct, every personal judgment we make, every emotion we feel – all of these little inner flutters – send sparks of our life force into acts of creation. Some may only amount to one more psychic free radical sent off into the collective consciousness to mate up with the billions and zillions of other psychic free radicals our endless negative thought forms generate, but these are micro-creative acts.  Carolyn Myss

To read the entire article click HERE

On Aging

Found this this AM on a great site…

I know what worries me most when I look in the mirror and see the old woman with no waist. It’s not that I’ve lost my beauty — I never had enough to carry on about. It’s that that woman doesn’t look like me. She isn’t who I thought I was.                                                                           Ursula LeGuin

Interesting take – see the whole post here:

“Running Amok”

Individuals perpetrating unspeakable acts of violence is not a new phenomenon. What’s new, rather, are the altered states of consciousness induced by … drugs well-documented to promote homicidal and suicidal behavior in susceptible individuals.

Although semi-automatic weapons have enabled the infliction of mass casualties at an unprecedented scale, massacres perpetrated by lone individuals are not new phenomena. Rather, these tragic and inexplicable events may represent an incarnation of a more ancient phenomena called “running amok,” formerly believed to be a culture-bound syndrome isolated to certain societies.

The Resemblance of Mass Shootings to Running Amok

Used in colloquial verbiage to indicate an irrational individual wreaking havoc, the linguistic origins of “running amok” stem from the description of a mentally perturbed individual that engages in unprovoked, homicidal and subsequently suicidal behavior, oftentimes involving an average of ten victims (1).

Although it was not classified as a psychological condition until 1849, amok was first described anthropologically two hundred years ago in isolated, tribal island populations such as Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Puerto Rico, the Philippines, and Laos, where geographic seclusion and indigenous spirituality were hypothesized to be cultural factors implicated in this culture-bound syndrome.

1. Saint Martin, M.L. (1999) “Running Amok: A Modern Perspective on a Culture-Bound Syndrome”. Primary Care Companion to the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, 1(3), 66-70.

We all need to demand that Congress start the process of instituting sensible gun ownership laws. Not that I want to take anyone’s guns… as most of my family own multiple guns.

I know that NOT having a gun in the house has personally saved my life on more than one occasion as my first husband and I had a very volatile relationship and I may have injured or killed him several times, and the reverse was also true.

My family also has a tragic link to suicide by firearm.


My 1,000th post!

Just like when I passed the 900 mark, I had planned something special for my 1,000th post, but this will have to do:
The Equinox this Friday Sept. 22 is a change in attitude:

The energy to come will be calming and should ease any harsh feelings you have been having. Let things simmer down and allow yourself to flow right into where you need to be. Make every moment count and enjoy the energy to come.

I needed this message today!

I will try to do something spectacular for my 1001st post!