How did the Universe know my plans for the day?

This my message from the Universe today:
There’s never been a day in your life, Shari, when you were as close to your artistic sensibility, as you are today. So very, very close –

The Universe

I have plans to attend the bi-ennial Fiber Fiesta today… and then spend the rest of the weekend making art. I have been artistically paralyzed since Mother’s death, and plan to break through that barrier this weekend!

The Universe is amazing…

More Catchups – Quilting Thoughts

Luanna Rubin of posted this:

“I’ve been thinking about how quilting has evolved along with feminism. It has changed along with us – from a necessity to something that could be perceived as a luxury. (Buying fabrics and collecting a stash, making creative and artistic quilts, instead of using scraps for a patchwork blanket to keep out the cold.)”

All of my quilting foremothers were of the former ilk… My grandmother is the first of her generation to buy fabric for specific purposes, and made some monumentally stunning works. She made me an appliqued Iris quilt that was just beyond belief (unfortunately it was stolen and I do not have any pictures – who would take pictures of QUILTS in the 70s?>??). She was my inspiration and continues to do so… But she might not understand the quilts that I create now. And that is OK, as her mother would probably not have approved of the Iris quilt! Things change, but they remain the same!

Reveling in Post Menopausal Zest would really puzzle her!

Reveling In Postmenopausal Zest

If My Creativity Were…

I just listened in on an audio presentation hosted by Coaching Toys News (a new venue for me…). The presentation was by Jill Bondsky titled “Making Creativity Easier: Unboxing Your Brilliance”

It was a very interesting talk, and at the end of the session Jill asked us to fill in the blanks on the following:

1. If my creativity was a color, what color would it be? Purple

2. If my creativity was a texture what would it be? A softly worn much loved quilt

3. If my creativity were a sound, what would it be? softly chiming temple bells

4. If my creativity was a movement what would it be? NIA Dance

5. If my creativity gave me a kind word, what would it be? You are Enough

6. If my creativity were dropped in the ocean what would it do? It would bob and float with the current

7. If my creativity were written in the sky what would it say? Shari Arts!

8. If my creativity were delivered to me, what wold it look like? A soft warm quilt

These were all “instant” answers and I was amazed at how many quilt related answers there were. Could be because I spent the morning listening to the You Tube videos about the documentary “Why Quilts Matter”… but fibre has always been my first love and passion.

Take a Breath, part II

OK, yesterday was a nice down day, no big projects or to do lists…

I traveled some in February. The early part of the month I made the Mother pilgrimage to Tularosa to see my Mother, Sister and her family. We had a very good visit, and I got a massage from my niece Gracie (as a birthday present from my family.) Gracie is such a talented masseur and body worker, and I so appreciate having her work on me!

And then on Feb. 17th, I flew to Omaha Nebraska to be a companion to my dear friend Lyncia during her evaluation for a liver transplant. We were there for a snowstorm and my birthday, since the weather was so nasty, we just ate in and had a cozy evening. Not a bad way to spend your birthday.

Another travel related event was assisting my other dear friend Pamela with a move across the country to Virginia. Several days were taken up with helping her as she went through 20 plus years of accumulated personal debris. She did a very good job of winnowing through personal papers and history, and by the end she was saying “I wish that I had tossed more!” We had a goodbye party at my house for her, and then we had lunch on the 17th, before I left for the airport! One of our favorite lunch after church restaurants is The Church St. Cafe in Old Town Albuquerque. It was bittersweet, as I will miss Pamela!

Pamela, her niece Rebecca and I at the Church St. Cafe

I also made 15 bean soup and taught a class for my Red Tent group!

On Feb. 25th, we hung The Apron Project at the National Hispanic Cultural Center on a cold, blustery, windy day. See my prior post for a video of the hanging. It involved curating the aprons by style {bib vs. non-bib}, crawling around on hands and knees clipping the aprons to the clothesline and then toting them from the gym at the NHCC around the campus to the huge cottonwoods where they would be draped by NHCC staff (WE COULD NOT HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT YOU…) from limb to limb like Tibetan prayer flags.

As I approach my retirement anniversary, I do not know how I had time to work 8 hours a day!


WOW, I need to take a breath!

It is a good thing that February is not a longer month! It has been jam packed…

February started the big push for The Apron Project, and there were lots of activities around that event. Here is the culmination of the project, when we acutaly hung all the aprons.

The Apron Project is  being hung at the National Hispanic Cultural Center and they were so great about assisting us in hanging the aprons. They were on LONG clotheslines and some of them were very HEAVY. The staff was great on this cold and blustery day!

The Opening reception with Milk and Cookies will be on Sunday, March 3 from 2-4 PM. There will be a guided tour of the Arpillerias exhibit (our sister fibre exhibition) at 1 PM. Hope to see you there! BTW the temperature should be 60 degrees on Sunday!

My catchup February posts will continue… I am taking care of myself today and taking it easy!

Standing on the Side of Love

I am a Unitarian Universalist and February is the month of Standing on the Side of Love. I have participated in a few of the daily activities, and today I wanted to share this:

The activity for today is to create  A  Prayer.  I do not pray, but that is another story all wrapped up in fundamentalist christian stuff from my childhood. But I did set out to create my own prayer.

Given this beautiful day, let me appreciate it and treasure all that I have today.

Given my wits for another day, let me share my feelings and intellect with friends and all those who I come into contact with.

Given the love of friends and family, let me appreciate and treasure all of them.

Given warmth, light, water and shelter let me appreciate them and let me be compassionate with those less fortunate than I

Given my cats, let me return their respect for our love

Given the resources to maintain my life, let me appreciate how very lucky  I am in all that I have allows me to do what I want

Given a sense of peace in my life, let me strive to bring this blessed sense of peace to all around me

Given my talents, let me share all my blessings with all that I come into contact with

Wishing all a sense of contentment, peace, prosperity, happiness and art.

Blessed Be