Latest missive from the Universe

I get a daily message from the Universe, and sometimes I like to share them. This is one of those days…


More love, Shari, means laughing longer, living lighter, running faster, jumping higher, starting sooner, staying later and a zippier artistic sensibility.

At least for some people… you know, hypothetically.


More love,
The Universe

Beyond Layers Day 85 – Are you a maker or a taker?

Day 85 on Kim Klassen’s Beyond Layers Kim asked us as photographers if we are “makers” or “takers”. FYI makers set up a scene, with flowers, props, etc and a taker just takes the picture.

As usual, there is no grey area in my practice, I am most definitely a “taker” (per Kim a taker does not feel outside the scene when she/he is behind the camera…). I do take some “maker” photos, usually for an assignment in Beyond Layers. Just a sample would be these photos of my great niece Amber Y. She had a small fire going outside and came into the house looking for marshmallows. Not finding them, she substituted mushrooms and a hot dog! Inventive child! And the mushrooms, surprisingly, were pretty tasty.

I took all three pics, then applied Kim’s textures Ugg Love B&W, Grungy Green and Abstract. Grungy Green and abstract are becoming my go to textures. In these takes, it supplies the hint of green that is missing in this drought struck field.

Amber in the desert creativity continiumAmber in the desert creativity continiumMy tulip photo below is a maker image. I arrange the tulip (I later used a white background) and then took the photo.tulip creativity continiumI enjoy both types of photos, but definitely relate more to “takers” than “makers”.

Artists Date

As part of a class that I am taking with Juliana Coles, Initiation, we were to take ourselves on an Artists Date a la Julia Cameron.

I left Albuquerque today on the way to visit with my Mother and Sister in Tularosa and stopped at the Three Rivers Petroglyph site. This is a 600 year old site with hunderds of petroglyphs. Since I am working on a petroglyph quilt for a show, I wanted to get some pictures. I went crazy and took pictures until my iPhone battery ran out!

The pictographs were made by Jornada Mogollon people and it is sad to see that some of them are just fading away… or have been vandalized. I saw one glyph that looked suspiciously like the old AT&T logo… and there is one with the date of 1895 chipped into the rock. Anyway, it was a very creative artists date, and I have 73 photos of petroglyphs to inspire me on the quilt!

Treasure Hunt??

Seth Apter of the Altered Page, who comes up with an amazing array of arty projects, has come up with another good one. This will be the 3rd Annual Treasure Hunt for Buried Treasure. Seth asks you to look back and find your favorite blog posts and repost them on July 11. He will publish a list of all participating bloggers on July 11, and you can browse the cream of the crop (since you will only re-post your favorite entries).

Sounds like a good way to see some new blogs that you would like to follow (as if I need any new ones! but you certainly could stumble upon some gems…)

Anyway, I will be looking at my previous word press and blogspot posts to see if I can find my favorites to submit to the Buried TreasureTreasure Hunt!

Sun Toes from our Solstice Celebration, no connection to this post but I love the pic