Take a Breath, part II

OK, yesterday was a nice down day, no big projects or to do lists…

I traveled some in February. The early part of the month I made the Mother pilgrimage to Tularosa to see my Mother, Sister and her family. We had a very good visit, and I got a massage from my niece Gracie (as a birthday present from my family.) Gracie is such a talented masseur and body worker, and I so appreciate having her work on me!

And then on Feb. 17th, I flew to Omaha Nebraska to be a companion to my dear friend Lyncia during her evaluation for a liver transplant. We were there for a snowstorm and my birthday, since the weather was so nasty, we just ate in and had a cozy evening. Not a bad way to spend your birthday.

Another travel related event was assisting my other dear friend Pamela with a move across the country to Virginia. Several days were taken up with helping her as she went through 20 plus years of accumulated personal debris. She did a very good job of winnowing through personal papers and history, and by the end she was saying “I wish that I had tossed more!” We had a goodbye party at my house for her, and then we had lunch on the 17th, before I left for the airport! One of our favorite lunch after church restaurants is The Church St. Cafe in Old Town Albuquerque. It was bittersweet, as I will miss Pamela!

Pamela, her niece Rebecca and I at the Church St. Cafe

I also made 15 bean soup and taught a class for my Red Tent group!

On Feb. 25th, we hung The Apron Project at the National Hispanic Cultural Center on a cold, blustery, windy day. See my prior post for a video of the hanging. It involved curating the aprons by style {bib vs. non-bib}, crawling around on hands and knees clipping the aprons to the clothesline and then toting them from the gym at the NHCC around the campus to the huge cottonwoods where they would be draped by NHCC staff (WE COULD NOT HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT YOU…) from limb to limb like Tibetan prayer flags.

As I approach my retirement anniversary, I do not know how I had time to work 8 hours a day!


Hope of Spring

It is sunny, but COLD here today. The sun always makes me hopeful of spring and when I was in Trader Joe’s the other day I bought some tulips (wanted daffodils but they were already past their prime…) anyway these are supposed to be purple, we will see. These buds are just pregnant with the possibility of spring!

TADA list for May

Last year, in preparation for my retirement, I took a LOT of classes. One of the tips (and I cannot remember who taught it) was to have an end of the Month TADA! list instead of a beginning of the month TODO list. This was to give yourself a pat on the back for all that you had accomplished, instead of not remembering how much you really accomplished in the month

I have been doing this for several months and here is my TADA!! list for May, my third full month of retirement. My list has shrunk from April (I had 27 items in April) and I had 22 this month. But it has been a month of reflection, on both my future and the fragility of what we have here on earth and usually take for granted.

I have a dear friend S. who is continuing her battle battle with illness and needed a companion. I was glad to be able to assist her and her daughter P. and be there when she needed someone. She is doing much better, and no longer needs such intense assistance, which we are all grateful for. And I spent a week with my Mother, allowing my much deserving sister, brother-in-law and her grandkids to go on a California vacation. I call this mother-sitting, and it is something that I had a hard time doing while I was employed full time. So those are numbers one and two on my May TADA! list.

3. I worked on the Painted Sky Silk website

4. I worked on setting up an Etsy site for Goddess Garb by Ginger

5. Updated the blog for Goddess Garb by Ginger

6. Assisted my friend L. with computer issues

7. Attended final meeting of Cakes for the Queen of Heaven class at Rancho de Avalon

8.Baked an Easter Dragon cake for Cakes for the Queen of Heaven class

9.Attended a Word Press Group meeting

10. Assisted Arts and Aesthetics committee at my church to jury artists for our 2013 slate of art shows

11. Met with a person who had purchased an hour of computer consulting at our church auction

12. Presented at my first Forum Committee sponsored talk at church

13. Assisted in Hanging the new art display at church

14. Attended our second Red Tent meeting

15. Made cold cucumber soup for the Red Tent Meeting

16. Worked on Terry and Kassi’s wedding quilt

17. Had a meeting with the Womny’s Work Apron project about our 2013 project

18. Attended a WordPress New Users meeting

19. Rainbow monthly meeting

20. Went to Nia two times this month

21. Finished up Goddess Leonie.s 21 Day Cleanse and detox – no meat, no gluten, no sugar, very little dairy (I had to have some butter…) I am so PROUD of myself as I always thought that I could not do without meat, but my inner carnivore has been tamed!

22. had a great Mother’s Day, and my son called and gifted me with a certificate to one of my favorite on line spots for my Mother’s Day present.

All in all, a very satisfying May. Looking forward to updating my June TADA! list