Take a Breath, part II

OK, yesterday was a nice down day, no big projects or to do lists…

I traveled some in February. The early part of the month I made the Mother pilgrimage to Tularosa to see my Mother, Sister and her family. We had a very good visit, and I got a massage from my niece Gracie (as a birthday present from my family.) Gracie is such a talented masseur and body worker, and I so appreciate having her work on me!

And then on Feb. 17th, I flew to Omaha Nebraska to be a companion to my dear friend Lyncia during her evaluation for a liver transplant. We were there for a snowstorm and my birthday, since the weather was so nasty, we just ate in and had a cozy evening. Not a bad way to spend your birthday.

Another travel related event was assisting my other dear friend Pamela with a move across the country to Virginia. Several days were taken up with helping her as she went through 20 plus years of accumulated personal debris. She did a very good job of winnowing through personal papers and history, and by the end she was saying “I wish that I had tossed more!” We had a goodbye party at my house for her, and then we had lunch on the 17th, before I left for the airport! One of our favorite lunch after church restaurants is The Church St. Cafe in Old Town Albuquerque. It was bittersweet, as I will miss Pamela!

Pamela, her niece Rebecca and I at the Church St. Cafe

I also made 15 bean soup and taught a class for my Red Tent group!

On Feb. 25th, we hung The Apron Project at the National Hispanic Cultural Center on a cold, blustery, windy day. See my prior post for a video of the hanging. It involved curating the aprons by style {bib vs. non-bib}, crawling around on hands and knees clipping the aprons to the clothesline and then toting them from the gym at the NHCC around the campus to the huge cottonwoods where they would be draped by NHCC staff (WE COULD NOT HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT YOU…) from limb to limb like Tibetan prayer flags.

As I approach my retirement anniversary, I do not know how I had time to work 8 hours a day!


New Aprons

Womyns Work met last night to update the Apron Project. We will be at We Art the People on Sunday, Sept. 9th, and our booth number is 96.

We have finalized a deal to display our aprons on the National Hispanic Cultural Center next March for Women in Creativity/International Women’s Month. We are so excited about this opportunity, and we are selling some gorgeous aprons at We Art the People to pay for expenses.

If you love aprons, come out and support us on Sept. 29th!

Here are some aprons from the great fiber artists who are Womyns Work!

Sorry for the quality of the pics I am still getting used to my iphone!

Favorite Post from my blog…

Seth Apter from the Altered Page asked his online blogger friends to re-post their favorite blog post. I have recently migrated from blogger to WordPress, so I went back to blogger to check on a good post. Here is my link

On Blogger I had 657 posts, but one of the posts that is my favorite (and very moving) is a post from Womyn’s Work. Womyn’s Work is a collaboration of 7 Albuquerque Artists (originally brainstormed by Ginger Quinn and Suzanne Visor and myself) . Last March during Women’s Month, we set up an exhibit outdoors using donated aprons as prayer flags, decorated the area with sculptures and held an opening reception with milk and cookies. It was a huge success and we plan to do it again this year.

This post on my old blogger site is very evocative of the emotions involved in this installation. Please check it out and comment below if this moved you also.