Day 19 of 28 days of Happiness

I follow several bloggers, and today Melanie Testa’s post hit it on the head. She is speaking of her rescue cat Peach.
“Maybe, it is just great to have an animal, and relate to it. I love being Peach’s animal. I love watching her relate. I am learning more Peach talk, Peach words with every day.”
Both of my cats are semi-feral. Baby Cakes was rushing across a downtown street (very busy, Central Ave in Albuquerque the old Route 66) and Fuzzy Bucket was rescued from a city park, almost dead at 5 weeks…) I love them dearly, but they do have their quirks! Both of them are settling (my 2014 word is SETTLE) with the move to Texas and the doggie roommate and do seem to be more able to snuggle. Cats make me happy!

Kitteh Happenings

Haven’t had time to take too many kitteh pics (and Fuzzy Bucket is just finally coming out of hiding) but here are a few…

Fuzzy is not used to having doors closed, and if I go into the bathroom and don’t close the door all the way, this is what I see…Tried to get a shot of her on the cutting table, but she got away!Baby Cakes, regal as ususal…

Kitteh Post

OK, it is time for me to make a kitteh post. My friend W got two little kittens which inspired me. For a change I have more pictures of Fuzzy than I have of Baby Cakes!

Relaxing on a stoolFetching the ballFuzz put the ball in my shoe!

Baby Cakes perched on my sewing machine chairBaby cakes has taken up the corner of my computer desk, and always looks like she owns the place!

Kitteh Rug

I walked into the living room yesterday, and was confronted by this kitteh rug. This is a very sunny spot that Baby Cakes really likes, and she will lay there for hours on end. She is usually curled up in a ball, but it must have been very warm as she was stretched out like a fuzzy rug. She is not as fat as this makes her look, but she is my fatso catso.