Beyond Layers Day 83

Kim Klassen is an inspirational photographer and is leading a Photoshop class called Beyond Layers. It is a year long class which will end soon, and  I will miss the inspiration!

The lesson for Day 83 was to take a gorgeous beach photo that Kim supplied and add a quote. Since I am such a quote junkie, I took this lesson to heart immediately. Checking my quote file, I kept finding appropriate quotes. I stopped looking after I found 5 that really sang with the photo. I did not want to decide which quote to use, so I decided to use a frame with 6 openings to show the photos. I am using a link to flickr, as wordpress does not display the jpg in a form that shows the quotes.

Click here to see the photo on flickr. You can click on the image for a larger version.

Day 74 Beyond Layers

Beyond Layers Day 61-62 Scavenger Hunt

I have been away from home “mother-sitting” so my ability to stay up to date on this is limited, but I have two photos to add. The first is out my window – even tho this pic was taken during the summer, I love it, and have added Kim’s  and then some texture…What I am currently reading is “The Illuminated Rumi”, an absolutely stunning book

30 Days of Get Your Art On – Day 19

and Beyond Layers Day 51 Dreamlike.

Day 51’s assignment was to follow Kim’s recipe for a dreamlike photo. Kim used a landscape for this assignment, but I found this pic that I wanted to use; I am not sure if it was one of those mistake pics, but I thought that it was very dreamlike to start with. This is the view that I have from my laptop looking out the window. This is the original photoand this is the photo after following Kim’s recipe. The caption reads Magic Is Made Here

30 Days of Getting Your Art on – Day 15

OK, I made it to the middle of the 30 days, and only missed 3 days.

This is Day 15 of 30 Days, but Day 48 on Beyond Layers! Nuff said.

The assignment on Day 48 was to create a print using polaroid blanks from Fuzimo. I decided to use this photo that I took of cameras that a friend sent to put in my recent yard sale. Doesn’t the Brownie SX16 look like a robot?

I considered making this a black and white print, but decided to do that later for another assignment.

30 days of Getting Your Art On – Day 14

Cuppa Cuppa Love

I am doing another catchup on Beyond Layers, and combining it with 30 days of Getting Your Art On.

So this will be day 14 of 30 days, but day 47 of Beyond Layers. Is that confusing enough??

Beyond Layers by the fantastic Kim Klassen,  who does excellent Photoshop, is a great year long class. Kim is starring Beyond Layers III in January. Check it out if you want to learn photoshop secrets, tips and tricks!

30 Days of Getting Your Art On (see icon in the sidebar to the right) is a program developed by Tracy Bunkers to encourage artists to make art everyday for 30 days.

Day 47’s assignment from Beyond Layers was Cuppa Cuppa Love, showing your favorite cups. My picture shows the post from Kim displayed on my laptop. When I saw what the days assignment was, I looked and I had my two favorite cups on either side of my laptop! Don’t ask me why I have two cups, but it was meant to be!

Beyond Layers, Day 45

Lilac photo, gaussian blur, ugg love texture and Neil deGrasse Tyson quote

I am getting so much from Kim Klassen’s Beyond Layers class for Photoshop. The image above was furnished by Kim (she has an almost endless supply of fantastic photos which she shares with her students.

The picture above had a gaussian blur, Kim’s Ugg Love texture at soft light and the great Neil deGrasse Tyson quote applied in Rat Infested Mailbox font. Lots of fun…


Beyond Layers Day 28

Day 28 assignment for Beyond Layers was to take one photo and process it in 3 different ways. Here are my three images:

Black and White Feathergrass

Hard Mix Blending mode on frame

Texture and multiply blend mode on feathergrass

I love this picture that I took at the Rio Grande Community Garden when Rainbow Artists had a meeting there in August. And I like all of the different processes that I used on this photo.