Wildly Potent

In following one of Lisa Sonora’s writing prompts from her blog I found this which really meant a lot to me:

"Images and stories of the divine feminine 
impulse, handed down and shared from one 
woman to another, like so many handmade 
quilts, connect us with our sacred, 
creative heritage."

In response to her prompt, I wrote the following:


and creative. I have always been the artsy kid and have always felt creative but it was a big step for me to call myself an artist.  I could not paint or draw but I certainly could do collages and fibre work. After my one semester of college at NMSU- I knew that I did not have the talent to be a fine artist or the temperament to be a commercial artist {in fact this was NOT the case… but it took me many years to disabuse myself of that particular view of life!) so it kind of went on the back burner (or out of the kitchen totally). I married and had my son and still worked a full time job so I felt that I had an excuse. Then I became a single parent and the sole support of my son and myself my time was even more precious.

When I was confronted with the empty nest syndrome when my son left home, I knew it was time to go back to my creativity. That was in 1993. I started by making quilts and have not looked back since then. Fibre is still my first love and favorite medium and I try to incorporate it into most of my stuff. I feel like my most successful collages always have fibre in them.

And now I have committed to an abstract  painting class – after taking Dina Wakely’s  class. This in online and I am kin bummed because everybody does flowers and not even abstract. But on my third attempt I did one that I am somewhat satisfied with. this is outside my box and I am really stretching it and trying not to beat myself up over what I feel are less than successful attempts.

If My Creativity Were…

I just listened in on an audio presentation hosted by Coaching Toys News (a new venue for me…). The presentation was by Jill Bondsky titled “Making Creativity Easier: Unboxing Your Brilliance”

It was a very interesting talk, and at the end of the session Jill asked us to fill in the blanks on the following:

1. If my creativity was a color, what color would it be? Purple

2. If my creativity was a texture what would it be? A softly worn much loved quilt

3. If my creativity were a sound, what would it be? softly chiming temple bells

4. If my creativity was a movement what would it be? NIA Dance

5. If my creativity gave me a kind word, what would it be? You are Enough

6. If my creativity were dropped in the ocean what would it do? It would bob and float with the current

7. If my creativity were written in the sky what would it say? Shari Arts!

8. If my creativity were delivered to me, what wold it look like? A soft warm quilt

These were all “instant” answers and I was amazed at how many quilt related answers there were. Could be because I spent the morning listening to the You Tube videos about the documentary “Why Quilts Matter”… but fibre has always been my first love and passion.