How did the Universe know my plans for the day?

This my message from the Universe today:
There’s never been a day in your life, Shari, when you were as close to your artistic sensibility, as you are today. So very, very close –

The Universe

I have plans to attend the bi-ennial Fiber Fiesta today… and then spend the rest of the weekend making art. I have been artistically paralyzed since Mother’s death, and plan to break through that barrier this weekend!

The Universe is amazing…

Ther Universe Again…

Sometimes, Shari, when circumstances or disappointments bump you off track, it’s the beginning of an even bigger dream coming true, that could not have come true on the track you were on.

Yeah, always.

Always, always –
The Universe

Since I have been bumped off track BIGTIME, I need to look and see what track I need to take now.

Link Love post

These links are for blogs that I read daily (or as often as they are published). Delightful creativity, art and wise words to assist you on your journey {where ever it may take you.}

Lani Puppetmaker I so admire Lani’s work. and her blog is always insightful (especially this post from last Friday, very wise words that I shared with everyone I know!)

India Flint a fibre related blog with cats and pigs! Delightful…

Julie Balzer a dedicated blogger (I admire her tenacity) with lots of colorful art, tutorials and links

Ro Bruhn This is a delightful, colorful site that I LOVE! I took the 21 secrets class just for Ro’s class!

Pyragraph a young, funky site, often not G rated language so be aware! I just recently started following this blog

Women’s Group Spring meeting

The Girls met today for our spring birthday celebration (mine in Feb. Winona’s in March and Jan’s in April). I bought these orange and yellow tulips as a hostess gift. Turns out Marya had this vase already pulled out to put flowers in. Perfect match!

Marya, Karen, Sandy, Winona and KarenE at the sprint time table.

Flowers that Marya put into a rock brought back by Rudy from one of his travels!

Remember the old Blog-sphere?

Blogging used to be fun, and since Facebook and Twitter have become so popular, blogging seems to have declined. I continue to blog almost every day, and I do it for myself. Some other bloggers, including Daisy Yellow want to encourage blog linking. I plan on taking this one on. I need to blog (NOT a problem) and link to 5 different blogs.

My links for this week are:

Quinn Creative (a prolific blogger!)

ROZ a great stichery related blog

Jude’s Sprit Cloth blogĀ  masterful stiching

and lastly, Marit’s Paper World where I discoveredĀ  Link Love

Pinterest Option…

Graphics by Graphics Fairy

I LOVE Pinterest, but always try to follow the link back to the original source. This is not always easy, so I have slowed down on my pins… Well Quinn Creative posted this link on her post today. The Graphics Fairy gives you the steps to find the original post using Google! Find the post here Neat idea and I can start pinning again.