Wow, it has been over two weeks since I have posted

I got a sinus infection, and it really knocked me for a loop. I have never had one before, and hope that I do not get another one!

Finally feeling better and I have been busy with twin quilts for Mavis and Maverick… so I have been away from my blog.

I am so frustrated by this billboarddon’t know for sure if you can read it from my pic (it is on the right of way for I35, so it’s not easy to get close… don’t want to stop on the side of the road) but it says “THE COUNTDOWN TO FEAR HAS BEGUN…”

There are no other identifying names, marks or anything… I am wondering exactly what the message of this billboard is. Are they trying to scare us? Are they notifying us of a future event? Or are they just stupid?

I am so tired of the fear mongering that we have to live with each and every day. The United States, in the pre-911 days was not in a state of fear. Now we are surrounded by fear and being warned about it.

I personally am taking a pledge to NOT live in fear, and ignore fear mongering, no matter where the source, up to and including the US Government.

The Right Wing Fear Machine…

Read the whole article here but this paragraph sums up my feelings about the fear that is pervasive in our society:

“… After nearly six years of pumping out cynical horror stories involving our nefarious president and a Washington bureaucracy run amok, the right-wing fear machine has managed to reduce its target audience to a quivering state of waking nightmare, jumping at shadows. If, to paraphrase Baudelaire by way of The Usual Suspects, the devil’s greatest trick was to convince the world he didn’t exist, the modern GOP’s greatest trick might have been convincing its electorate that he does, and that the federal government exists as some kind of infernal machine. While impressive, this trick has also proved to be a very dangerous one, as states of panic have a tendency to produce rather extreme results.”

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Tough Time

I need to remember this…

When fear speaks, Shari, it’s always wrong.                                                           Game on,
The Universe

It has been a tough few days. The weather has been dreary and cloudy, and I do not do well without sunshine. I do not remember Texas being this dreary, and it is really getting on my nerves.

Sunday was especially trying, and I was down and blue all day, so I just stayed inside and watched movies all day. Am I wallowing in self pity? Sure…Decisions were made, silently in my mind, maybe to be reconsidered, and maybe not. Only time will tell and I will not let fear be the only speaker that is in my head.

Follow-up to Quinn McDonald’s Post on Fear


“It does us no good to avoid gluten if we are stuffing our minds with gore.”

 Quinn McDonald is a creativity coach who is giving up control, one day at a time.

I follow Quinn and really get a lot of inspiration from her posts,her July 4th  post was on Fear

The above quote was in her followup post today and is going to be added to my list of favorite quotes.