Gun Reform: Speaking Truth to Bullshit, Practicing Civility, and Effecting Change by Brene Brown

This awesome post was at the top of my Facebook Feed this morning, the first thing that I saw. You can read the entire article HERE

This quote struck me:

It’s helpful to keep in mind Alberto Brandolini’s Bullshit Asymmetry Principle or what’s sometimes known as Brandolini’s law: “The amount of energy needed to refute bullshit is an order of magnitude bigger than to produce it.”

And her outlook on the entire situation seems to mirror my thoughts exactly. A very good read.

Gunned Down

I watched a fascinating program on PBS Frontline last night. It was called Gunned Down. A most fascinating indictment of the NRA… you can follow the link and stream the program…

While I grew up in a hunting/gun owning family (My father met my mother when he went on a hunting trip to the mountains of New Mexico… so I owe my existence to hunting…) I have been a pacifist most of my life. I do not believe in guns and know personally at several points in my tumultuous first marriage, if there had been a firearm in the house one of us would have killed or injured the other.

And assault weapons, whose only purpose is to kill and/or maim the maximum number of human or animal beings should not even be allowed to exist, much less be readily available on the market.

I do not object if you want to arm yourself to protect your family and property, but I see no need for assault type arms and will never own a firearm of any kind.