Bad Blogging Season

The spring of 2013 has been a bad year all around… personally I am adjusting to life without my beloved mother, and have just not had the energy or inspiration to blog or create much art…
Kim Klassen has been having a bad time also, and when she returned to the class that I am taking on her site, she inspired me! And it was nice that the pic she used to inspire us was the beach…

On Day 19 of Beyond Beyond she asked us to take one of her beach scenes and rework it. I used curves and made it more the beach that I remember from my California childhood, with a decided green cast. I love the Emerson quote, so I added it. I thought about adding a texture, but decided I like it just like it is!

Beyond Layers Day 83

Kim Klassen is an inspirational photographer and is leading a Photoshop class called Beyond Layers. It is a year long class which will end soon, and  I will miss the inspiration!

The lesson for Day 83 was to take a gorgeous beach photo that Kim supplied and add a quote. Since I am such a quote junkie, I took this lesson to heart immediately. Checking my quote file, I kept finding appropriate quotes. I stopped looking after I found 5 that really sang with the photo. I did not want to decide which quote to use, so I decided to use a frame with 6 openings to show the photos. I am using a link to flickr, as wordpress does not display the jpg in a form that shows the quotes.

Click here to see the photo on flickr. You can click on the image for a larger version.

Day 74 Beyond Layers

Beyond Layers, Day 45

Lilac photo, gaussian blur, ugg love texture and Neil deGrasse Tyson quote

I am getting so much from Kim Klassen’s Beyond Layers class for Photoshop. The image above was furnished by Kim (she has an almost endless supply of fantastic photos which she shares with her students.

The picture above had a gaussian blur, Kim’s Ugg Love texture at soft light and the great Neil deGrasse Tyson quote applied in Rat Infested Mailbox font. Lots of fun…


Beyond Layers Day 28

Day 28 assignment for Beyond Layers was to take one photo and process it in 3 different ways. Here are my three images:

Black and White Feathergrass

Hard Mix Blending mode on frame

Texture and multiply blend mode on feathergrass

I love this picture that I took at the Rio Grande Community Garden when Rainbow Artists had a meeting there in August. And I like all of the different processes that I used on this photo.

Beyond Layers

beyondlayersOK, I have had some time, and have been catching up with my Beyond Layers online class from Kim Klassen. I have had photoshop for many years, and still am not very good with it! But Kim is teaching me! All I have to do now is remember.

This is day 22 Frame It and Day 24 Pastel Processing.

Black Frame

Pastel Processing Day 24

Did you see my watermark? it is subtle, but I can see it. BTW the gray frame is from my WordPress gallery software. Looks like a Polaroid, doesn’t it?