Didn’t want to jinx myself…

Starting June 1 I restarted my life. Several things has happened in the last month that were life changing or at least defintely life-impacting. I am leaving the details behind and restarting, getting out of my rut and doing things that bring me joy {except exercise, but that is a given and not fun…)

Anyway, I have posted 3 days in a row on 14 Secrets for a Happy Artist’s Life FB page ( a private group {sorry}), did some mark making with Dina Wakley and worked out several times. So I am back and intend to maintain, now that the time constrains of the new house are no longer dictating!

I have also had a constipated kittie, Fuzzy. Both of my cats are still semi-feral even though they are 14 and 12 years old respectively.

I managed to catch Fuzz with cat treats to get her into the carrier for the trip to the vet, and caught her after feeding her to give her the first dose of her medicine. Next dose was not so successful, and I had to move boxes from her hidey-hole and physically pull her out. After that ordeal actually giving her the medicine was not that bad.

But today she would not come to eat her tuna that had a ground up pill in it (she did not eat a lot of it yesterday) so I plopped myself down by the food dish and decided to wait her out. After an hour (checking FB and email on my phone) I gave up. She did sleep with me last night so I may have to have the syringe of goop ready when I wake up and take advantage of her being on the bed. I have always dreaded when they got old and sick and how an major operation it would be to get them to the vet, but medicine in a whole other issue!

OK we had national dog day…

Feeling Better (FINALLY!!)

I am still kinda hoarse, but no coughing, hacking and stuffed up nose!! Hooray!

Anyway I am feeling better… and did some creative stuff.

I recently removed my heavy comforter for the summer months, and noticed that the 15 year old quilt that I am using on my bed looks really ragged! I have patched it before, a la boro, and did it again but I decided that I need to make ME a quilt. I did rounds of  and my colors and I am now stretching and basting it in the garage (note boxes all around the edge of the pic…)

I spent Thursday night sorting buttons by color… I bought a huge bag of buttons and needed to get them sorted. and of course the kittehs were observing, both the buttons and the birds outside the window…

Kitteh Happenings

Haven’t had time to take too many kitteh pics (and Fuzzy Bucket is just finally coming out of hiding) but here are a few…

Fuzzy is not used to having doors closed, and if I go into the bathroom and don’t close the door all the way, this is what I see…Tried to get a shot of her on the cutting table, but she got away!Baby Cakes, regal as ususal…

My new Ewok pet roommate

All that Zoe needs to be a total Ewok is a little vest and a headband.

She is really my roommate’s Bichon Friese (not sure how to spell that). She was dancing to try to see my cats who are on the other side of the box. They all seem to be getting along, and my son has brought his cat tolerant min-pin over, so we are just a pet house!


I Freaked My Cats Out…

They have been really uneasy while I am rearranging my house to get it on the market, but the other night was the last straw. I had stuff from my walk in closet (moved everything out so I could paint…and put some stuff in my tub) I decided that I was not going to move stuff out of my bathtub, so I went into my second bathroom to take a bath. They both went batty! Wondering why I was taking a bath in the WRONG BATHTUB!

everyone survived but they were not happy!

Another Catchup Post

Mail Me Some Art is a group of mail artsits that I contribute to. These are postcards that I have received over the last month. The postcard on the left is from Christine @fruitnseason {instagram}; the amazing hand is from Ruth E; and the bird on the right is from Kathy O. This is a unstructured group, you simply leave your email and snail mail address and people send you mail art. Then you return the card… I like it because there is no pressure with deadlines, etc. have you ever got a Where’s George bill? I got three on Sunday. You go to www.wheresgeorge.com, log in the serial number of the bill, and it displays the path the bill has taken as it circulates through the system! Very Interesting. I am slipping in a kitteh pic. I walked into my bedroom the other day, and saw them snuggled up in a patch of sunlight.I am enjoying these roses that were left over from the wedding I attended this last weekend. They are gorgeous, but have no scent! This pic uses Kim Klassen’s Ugg Love texture!

Kitteh Post

OK, it is time for me to make a kitteh post. My friend W got two little kittens which inspired me. For a change I have more pictures of Fuzzy than I have of Baby Cakes!

Relaxing on a stoolFetching the ballFuzz put the ball in my shoe!

Baby Cakes perched on my sewing machine chairBaby cakes has taken up the corner of my computer desk, and always looks like she owns the place!