Of Lists and Things…

Lani Puppetmaker is one of the bloggers that I follow. Seems like March is the month for lists and things, and Lani made an excellent blog post on “18 Ways to have a very happy and not so oppressively formal artists life”

A lot of these things we all do everyday without realizing that we do it, or how important it is to our creativity and happiness. Noticing makes me enjoy these moments even more… check out her post and enjoy.

Link Love post

These links are for blogs that I read daily (or as often as they are published). Delightful creativity, art and wise words to assist you on your journey {where ever it may take you.}

Lani Puppetmaker I so admire Lani’s work. and her blog is always insightful (especially this post from last Friday, very wise words that I shared with everyone I know!)

India Flint a fibre related blog with cats and pigs! Delightful…

Julie Balzer a dedicated blogger (I admire her tenacity) with lots of colorful art, tutorials and links

Ro Bruhn This is a delightful, colorful site that I LOVE! I took the 21 secrets class just for Ro’s class!

Pyragraph a young, funky site, often not G rated language so be aware! I just recently started following this blog

“Occupy the Holiday Season”

I follow Lani Puppetmakers blog and this week she has a great post about”The Season”:

“So I’m in a bit of a radical mood here, I’m ready to take back my Christmas holiday from the marketers and big box stores.  I’m all for Occupying the Holiday Season.  I’m getting ready to create my own “Instruction Manual for Miraculous Occasions” Click on this link  to read the whole blog post.

I will follow her posts on Occupying the Holiday Season and her ” Instruction Manual for Miraculous Occasions” in the near future.

I have waged my own personal campaign to reclaim the holdiay by not buying presents {hand made art is so much better}, not going into stores from before Black Friday until after New Years, and trying to live in the spirit of giving from my heart.