Mail Art Received

Got two more postcards from Shannon’s International Post Card Swap.

The first card came in it’s own personalized box, which was decorated. The actual postcard is very dimensional and LISA packaged it very carefully. The petals on the card are amazing, and survived intact!

Envelope from Happy Heart n Hands






Postcard from Happy Heart n Hands












The second card is from Harrietand was very texturtal and I loved the depth of the background and the shading on the back (even the toy story stamp co-ordinated!)

Postcard from Hart of Hearts










I sent all 11 of my cards off yesterday!



Art Abandonment in Albuquerque

Abandonded Art

Michael deMeng has started a Facebook page about abandoning art. He encourages you to create small works of art and leave them for someone to discover. We post an address of the facebook page email and a personal email with a note explaining that this was not left by mistake. It is hoped that the finder will let us know who found the art.There are already 1,516 members (yesterday is was 768 and the day before that it was only 356) and is growing day by day. Neat Idea, thanks Michael!

I left this postcard in an envelope at the downtown Flying Star Cafe in Albuquerque. I have several more postcards that I will leave at various locations around Albuquerque.