The Architect has the plans…

and I walked most of the property today…

Starting at  the south property line:

20170319_134220the property line is almost in the middle of the driveway across the street. 20170319_134227turning around and facing east, toward the back of the property and the ravine. 20170319_134425I then walked North to the far north corner of the lot, looking back to the south
20170319_134505I walked along the north fence line, looking south20170319_134545again from the north fence line20170319_134630this is the start of the ravine, note you cannot see the fence line along the road due to the elevation.20170319_134648along the north fence line, facing to the back of the property. It goes WAY back, past the brown weeds to a fence line. 20170319_134722no that is not a cow, it is a puppy (??) named Gunner, who belongs to Amanda’ sister April. Looking east to the back of the property at the brush pile on the edge of the ravine. 20170319_134732standing on the edge of the ravine, looking east20170319_134839Ravine and more ravine20170319_134842 20170319_134905on the edge of the ravine  looking east along the south property line. 20170319_134911ravine20170319_135024Standing along the south property line, looking toward the north and the neighbors. This is probably where the house will be located.
20170319_135440On the east property line, looking north20170319_135443on the east property line, looking northeast20170319_135446on the east property line, looking southeast

20170319_135451on the east property line looking south.