WOW, I need to take a breath!

It is a good thing that February is not a longer month! It has been jam packed…

February started the big push for The Apron Project, and there were lots of activities around that event. Here is the culmination of the project, when we acutaly hung all the aprons.

The Apron Project isĀ  being hung at the National Hispanic Cultural Center and they were so great about assisting us in hanging the aprons. They were on LONG clotheslines and some of them were very HEAVY. The staff was great on this cold and blustery day!

The Opening reception with Milk and Cookies will be on Sunday, March 3 from 2-4 PM. There will be a guided tour of the Arpillerias exhibit (our sister fibre exhibition) at 1 PM. Hope to see you there! BTW the temperature should be 60 degrees on Sunday!

My catchup February posts will continue… I am taking care of myself today and taking it easy!

Quirky House for Auction

Off Center holds an auction and house tour each year as a fund raiser. I always make a house to be auctioned off. This year it is May 5 and I just finished my entry for this year. I was stumped for a while, and then got inspired by a zentangle post on Pinterest of all places. Here are some pictures…

The unpainted white house, and all sides.