State of Affairs

Found from a great website Writing Without Paper today. Expresses some of what I am feeling..

State of Affairs

We don’t have Bed-Ins
in this country anymore.

Lennon’s gone, and Iraq without
Saddam is our latest Vietnam.

Instead of Agent Orange, there’s
chlorine gas in the barrel bombs,

and drones get named Raven,
Dragon Eye, Tarantula Hawk,

as if all the animals were doing
the world’s killing. Millennials run

off to join ISIS; a kosher grocery
on the outskirts of Paris is laid waste.

Serbia declares, We will not close
up and live in Auschwitz, because

Hungary decides to put up a fence
to keep the illegal migrants out.

Not even the Mediterranean Sea is
dangerous enough to stop the boats

that carry the thousands that flee
the countries that traffic in crime.

Here at home, we test our children
more than the cars we buy and drive,

dispute global warming and climate
change while the Arctic ice melts,

ban books on controversial issues
and let hide out the priests who use

the bodies of boys for their pleasure.
We believe in civil and human rights

then twist hands when cops choke
the breath out of a 350-pound man

or take down and put a knee in
the back of a teen in a bikini. Now

that we’ve gotten past Columbine,
Sandy Hook, Aurora, watched

Baltimore burn, coined a hashtag
#BlackLivesMatter, nine blacks

praying and studying the Bible are
shot dead—and a Confederate flag

still flies high over their state capitol.
Race is a deep fault line in America,

Hillary says. It’s history! Tomorrow
the Facebook crowd already will have

moved on, set up their grills, signed
their Hallmark cards for Father’s Day.

© June 20, 1015 Maureen E. Doallas

Day 13 of 30 Days of Blogging

I am packing up stuff, and found a notebook from a creative writing course that I took at Brigid’s Place in Houston.

My post from yesterday was from this book…

and today’s post is too:

Constant Furniture of Family

A cool winter evening

around the melamine table top

imitation marble with gold filigree

the map of our family life laid out before us.


Light over the table sheds a golden nimbus

as we gather at the four directions,

Father at the Northern Polaris position

Our rock, our anchor, our guiding star.

Mother at the constant south,

accessible to the nether regions of the kitchen,

abode of she who rules the pots, pans, spices and potions.

Daughters at the opposite compass points,

the younger daughter in the east,

Myself to the west, the sunset direction.


A kitchen table still in use after 40 years

sturdy, serviceable, offering uncounted

dinners, gatherings, games and celebrations,

a constant from my childhood.


Darkness gathers in the corners of the room

held at bay by the circle of family

attached to the constant family furniture.


A solid period in our life

before sisters taken hostage by

husbands, children, duties and responsibilities

part from the North Star and She who rules the Kitchen.



Day 12 of 30 Days of Blogging

I spent the most fantastic weekend in the mountains, and then I looked up a piece that I wrote in Houston.

There was a quote by J. Carter “there must always be a place like this…”

And I wrote:

Setting aside the cares and worries of everyday life

There must always be a place like this

Taking time from the mundane to honor wellsprings of creativity

There must always be a place like this

Making a sacred space with like minded individduals

There must always be a place like this

Freeing the spirit from self imposed limits

There must always be a place like this

Soaring to the heights of freedom and light

There must always be a place like this

Seizing inspiration from nature, god, goddess, whatever…

Please, let there always be a place just like this!


Day 3 of 30 days of Blogging

THIS IS MY 300th post on this blog!
I am so glad that effy started this blog adventure, I had forgotten how much pleasure I got from doing this, even if it was only for myself!

Looking back to the whale rescue video I posted on day ONE, I found this poem that I wrote in 2000 while I was still living in Houston…

Silent Shades of Blue

Small, silent splash

Ripples eddying out

Sound absorbed by

Dawn in the North.


Power, surging silently

Sinousness sliding watery

Silently, white frosts

The icy blue surface.


Sleek, black skin

Reflecting stars, moon

Encrusted minerals, scale

From exotic, lost locales.


Navigating long leagues

Blackest sea bottoms

Winnowing fuel for girth

Power heart and soul.


Earth, Air, Sky

Shades of blue

Mists cloak and reveal

Framing paler sky.


Towering darkness of pines

Union of land and sea

Swirling over sub marine

Gliding to open sea

And Freedom.