Re-cover that Chair!!

Feeling Better (FINALLY!!)

I am still kinda hoarse, but no coughing, hacking and stuffed up nose!! Hooray!

Anyway I am feeling better… and did some creative stuff.

I recently removed my heavy comforter for the summer months, and noticed that the 15 year old quilt that I am using on my bed looks really ragged! I have patched it before, a la boro, and did it again but I decided that I need to make ME a quilt. I did rounds of  and my colors and I am now stretching and basting it in the garage (note boxes all around the edge of the pic…)

I spent Thursday night sorting buttons by color… I bought a huge bag of buttons and needed to get them sorted. and of course the kittehs were observing, both the buttons and the birds outside the window…

Quilting Controversy

I am a member of are mostly art quilters but there is an interesting mix. Currently there is a thread (several in fact) about how quitling has become so commercialized and everyone is selling something new. I weighed in on the topic and basically said “Keep quilting, no matter how you do it…”
There was a reply today with this quote:
“We’ve said this many times before, and it warrants repeating: In the end,
we’re all crushing on the same love of needles, thread, and fabric. It’s
from this common beginning that we can all honor and respect where each individual quilter and sewist guides these materials. That’s all that
really matters.” (“Bucking Tradition Can Be Tricky”, Generation Q,
January-February 2014, p. 7)

Bad quilt JuJu

I just read the most amazing post on Quinn Creative. I subscribe to Quinn’s blog and am always amazed at the depth of her talent and insight. This particular post is very moving and mother centered (and CERTAINLY not in a good mother way…).

Over the years I have been amazed at some of the mother stories that I have heard. I guess that I was exceptionally lucky to have had the parents (and family) that I had. It is so easy to take for granted your gifts in this life. My Mother is 89 and each time I see her she is less and less “My Mother”… Her older brother is now senile and lays in bed crying for his mother, dead since 2000.

I made all my nephews a wedding quilt, and am now finishing the last, the black and white monster quilt. It just requires the last binding off, which I hope to have done by Christmas. Since I only make quilts for the ones that I love, there is love in each stitch of these quilts. I made a wedding quilt for another nephew. It was a chaotic, very active pattern that suited this couple to a T. Unfortunately, my nephew’s psycho wife cut it up into little pieces when they separated… so there can be bad endings for good quilts…

Please check out Quinn’s posting at the link above.


My grandmother taught me how to quilt when I was about 8 but I never really did much with it. When my son had left home and  I was going through the empty nest syndrome I decided to take quilting up again (this was in the 80’s and quilting had resurged). I went to a weekend quilting retreat at a fabulous retreat center in the mountains of southern Oklahoma. Friday evening we studied patterns and decided what we would start on the next morning. I picked out the fan block. No one told me that curves were very difficult, and this pattern was not for a beginner, etc. So I just made it! My grandmother could do anything, so I decided that I could do it too. I drafted out the pie slices and cut them out. I now notice that the colors are off in the bottom right corner – pink in the first segment instead of white) but I still treasure it.

When I was cleaning out stuff for my yard sale last weekend, I found this pillow, and it all came back to me! Such sweet memories and it was nice to remember how my quilting oddessy started about twelve years ago!

I am not having a good week….

Nohting like the work weeks from hell that I used to have, but this has been very frustrating. I have a HUGE wedding quilt that I have put off working on. Last week I decided that the time had come to finish it up. My dear nephew TJ and his lovely wife (of 5 years…)Kassi had been waiting patiently for their wedding quilt. It is a gorgeous black and white king size (notice how I say KING sized so many times…) quilt with 9 large Kanji blocks and a log cabin finish. My problem is that I no longer have the huge studio that I had in HOuston, and just did not have room to set up this quilt. I had sandwiched the quilt and it set on my daybed for almost a year… So I rearranged my sewing table to accomodate the size of the quilt and decided that I needed to get it laid out before I started quilting. So I reserved the social hall at my church, dragged six banquet tables together, taped the backing to the tables and then pinned hundreds safety pins in the quilt. Finished that, and schlepped it home. AND in the middle of this process, my sewing machine died. Luckily a good friend let me use her sewing machine (“thanx” Marya!!) OK, so now I start sewing… and I know that I really need a walking foot, but do not have one (for either my dead machine or the borrowed machine!!) Of course, I quilt a few pleats into the backing, and rip it out.

I signed up for a class about quilting a big quilt on your small home machine on Craftsy and the instructor suggested spray basting the top and backing and cutting the batting into thirds, to ease the quilting process. Again, I quilt a few pleats into the backing and rip it all out AGAIN!

Figuring that the third time is a charm, I decide to use the set up from the Craftsy class but to put the quilt into my frame and hand quilt the sucker. I am able to ease in any pleats when I am hand quilting. In about 3 hours today I quilted about 2 square feet.

This picture is one third of the quilt set up in my frame in the living room. The cats cannot figure out what is going on, as the furntiure has been re-arranged… and they are liable to try to use the quilt frame as a kitty trampoline!

Wedding Quilt








This is another view of the quilt… I will not let this quilt conquer me!

More later, as I will be quilting on this for a long time, and can’t really move it anywhere else, so I will have to work on it steadily!