Another “Quinnism”

As most of you know, I follow many bloggers and Quinn Creative is one of the most prolific and succinct writers I follow.

Today’s blog is on political correctness and one of the phrases in her post caught my fancy this morning:

“Their scared, lack-and-attack, reptilian-brained part of the mind that wants to dress in fear and rise up in anger.”

Just a very apt description of what I see around me. Check out her post with the links above.

Thank you Quinn for capturing my feelings in such a descriptive way! I have been unable to put my finger on it, but this does.



Another “Quinnism”

I follow many people on the interwebs, but Quinn Creative is one of my favorite sites and today’s post from her is so right on, most especially her last line:

"We live in volatile times. Small niceties matter. If we can’t give up 
our own needs to be right and first, nothing will change."

Quinn McDonald is pretty sure not everyone can be right all the time.

Check out her website for nuggets of wisdom…



Quinn Creative, one of the blogs that I follow regularly, had a great post this AM on ABUNDANCE.
short quote:
“When we allow ourselves to classify abundance as what we lack, what we don’t have, what we are missing, we will never have it. We strive for what we don’t have, hoping to catch it, we make ourselves miserable.”
Read the entire post here:

Fear-Mongering and Ebola

Quinn Creative made an excellent post today about fearmongering. The current atmosphere of fear just makes me CRAZY, so I appreciate Quinn’s calm take on this issue.

Speaking of calm takes… my son (we live in the Dallas area and he works in the North Dallas area, where the ebola case happened) who is a normally rational, educated 30 something, called me and said “I hope that I don’t have ebola”.  He did not, just had a very virulent 24 hour stomach virus. But since we have become so inundated of late with fearmongering by all the media, it seems to be a valid response. And it is difficult to not be swept up in the fear. Hopefully, saner minds will prevail…

Quinn Creative strikes again

I have followed Quinn McDonald’s blog for several years, ever since I won a free coaching session with her. Very astute coach, artist and writer. Her post today was again spot on. Go HERE to see the whole post but there are two things I would like to share here…

She shows an illustrated quote:

Smart is when you believe half of what you hear. Brilliant is when you know which half. Robert Orben

and calls herself a “Blog Omnivore!”