Another “Quinnism”


I follow Quinn Mcdonald, and am always amazed at some of the “quinnisms” she can come up with.

On her Saturday post she wrote this:

“I’m a fan of Buddhist Boot Camp, because of the incongruous name as well as the inspiration that works for me. Here’s one I liked this week: “Find something worth dying for, then live for it!” And no, I’m still not religious. So I love this quote from the site: “As the Dalai Lama says, ‘Don’t try to use what you learn from Buddhism to be a Buddhist; use it to be a better whatever-you-already-are.’”  When people ask me about religion, sometimes I say, “I’m Buddish”” Bold is mine…

If I were not already a Unitarian, I would adopt the “I’m Buddish” myself!!

New Years Day compilation

Two great pieces from Quinn McDonald…

We were on the way to something else when we realize we were heading in the wrong direction. Often at full tilt.

-Quinn McDonald wishes a few deep hours of reflection for everyone this year, and the deep joy of acceptance.

My dear friend Marya is a Reverend and does destination Weddings in Albuquerque. She called this morning and asked if I would be a witness at a wedding. It was outdoors, and rather chilly, but I was glad to assist a new couple start their life together on New Years Day. Since I was already dressed for the cold, I stopped by a favorite labryinth on the way home and found this jolly buddah!

I don’t do New Year’s Resolutions,but I do pick a word for the year. Again this year, I am concentrating on CONTENTMENT. It served me pretty well for 2012 and  will work on maintaining contentment for 2013!

Interesting Posting from Quinn Creative

Click here to see the entire posting:

But what was interesting was the posting about the Butterfly Project:

The article that caught my attention was about the Butterfly Project created by Houston’s Holocaust Museum. The museum is asking artists, crafters, children and anyone who wants to join in to remember the 1,500,000 children who died in Germany’s Holocaust. The project was named after the powerful poem called The Butterfly by Pavel Friedman who died in Auschwitz concentration camp in 1942. The idea is to create a butterfly and send it to the museum by June of 2013. You can participate, too, the rules are easy.

Another “Quinn-ism”


I follow QuinnCreative and read her posts religiously. While her posts are always interesting, some days they just really “hit the spot” and today was one of those days. Click this link to go to her original post. You might want to subscribe (both here and on her site), as her posts are always very topical and very insightful.

I, too, live in the desert and have decided to look very carefully  about where I plant myself. I love the sunshine and absorb it like vitamins (which it is!!) but I do it with a sense of purpose and some deliberateness.

Follow-up to Quinn McDonald’s Post on Fear


“It does us no good to avoid gluten if we are stuffing our minds with gore.”

 Quinn McDonald is a creativity coach who is giving up control, one day at a time.

I follow Quinn and really get a lot of inspiration from her posts,her July 4th  post was on Fear

The above quote was in her followup post today and is going to be added to my list of favorite quotes.

Happy Fourth of July!

Today we celebrate the 4th of July, but without fireworks (at least any that go up in the air!). The West is tinder dry, without any precipitation in months, so this will be subdued. My great-nephew said “I don’t even want to go to the fireworks store… you won’t be able to buy any neat fireworks!” Of course, we are heading into the monsoon season, so we should be getting some rain soon (I guess that I missed the Albuquerque rain while I was out of town!)

NM Monsoon Sky

Quinn McDonald (I follow her great posts daily…)  had a great post today about 4th of July, you can click on the link to read her post.

Since we recently celebrated New Mexico’s Centennial, I moved back to New Mexico ten years ago this week, I am celebrating things this week. Traveling down I-25 to go to my relatives in the southern part of the state,  I thought about my Grandmother Onie Scott Clayton, traveling from Austin Texas to the southern New Mexico Mountains in 1912 in a covered wagon! I do not know that I would have had the fortitude to take on that trip!

Abundance – from Quinn Creative

I follow Quinn McDonald on Quinn Creative. This is a quote from Quinn’s newsletter:

When we allow ourselves to classify abundance as what we lack, what we don’t have, what we are missing, we will never have it. We strive for what we don’t have, measure ourselves by what we lack. The gremlin owns us, we are miserable.

When we define abundance as what we already have, and thrive in that standard, then the world shifts. We don’t strive for what we can’t reach, we suddenly have the time we thought we didn’t.

It makes me sad that ABUNDANCE is now a commidity, to be purchased.