A new quote source

On my wanderings over the interwebs, I found this new site:


it is a beautiful site, based on tinyletters. I just peek in daily, and soak up the wisdom and grace from it… and the quotes are stellar! Must get the typewriter out and try some of my quotes using it! This is from today’s post:

And these words from Peace on the Inside (Thanks J)
If authenticity is one of your values,
are you clear about what gets in the
way of your being open, honest, real?
Is it habit? How you were raised?
A cultural norm? Lack of skill and/or practice?
Fear of ridicule, not saying it right,
being misunderstood, being judged,
overstepping a boundary,
not fitting in, being dominated,
being wrong……

surprise in my mailbox!

When I went to my snail mail box this afternoon, a surpise was waiting! I got my copy of Lesley Riley’s new book “Inspirational Quotes Illustrated” and since I am a contributor, I got an autographed copy! Needless to say I was thrilled when I started reading and found my collage on page 8, directly across from the work of Seth Apter! So my collage is the fourth work of art that you see in the book. Woohoo!

You can see the book on Amazon. If you are into quotes, this is a must have. 130 artists created collages from their favorite quotes (and if you are into quotes, you know how hard it is to pick ONE quote! I have collected quotes for many years, and there were some quotes that were new to me, and I have added them to my collection!

This is the collage that Lesley selected to be in her book:


Day 21 of my 28 days of Happy

I got lost on a Pinterest board (Click here to see my Pinterest) and wandered into a Quote board. Most of you know that I am a self-confessed Quote Junkie, and I found these that I want to share. I really hate when people do not attribute to the author, but these are too great to not share.

This is a simple truth: whatever you love, you are. Rumi

You have to keep breaking your heart until it opens.  Rumi

Hearts are wild creatures, that’s why our ribs are cages. Hyplyrikz.com

Make it simple, but significant. Don Draper

When an inner situation is not made conscious, it appears outside of you as fate. Carl Jung

May your choices reflect your HOPES and not your Fears. Nelson Mandela

If you cannot be positive then at least be quiet. Joel Osteen

Someday is not a day of the week.

Somedays I fell like giving up. The I remember that I have a lot of M%^&*(F@#$%^S to prove wrong.

Know when to give up and have a Margarita.

My brain has too many tabs open.

Your past is just a story. And once you realize this, it has no power over you.

You can’t rush something you want to last forever.

Sometimes when things are falling  apart they may be falling into place.

If you don’t like where you are, MOVE. You are not a tree!

I just AWSOMED all over the place!

Life is too short for fake butter, cheese or people

You can do anything, but not everything.

Don’t support what you think can succeed; support what you think SHOULD succeed. And then it will.  Marianne Williamson

We are cups, constantly and quietly being filled. The trick is knowing how to tip ourselves over and let the beautiful stuff out. Ray Bradbury

There is no remedy for love but to love more.
– Henry David Thoreau

Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of the cancer cell. Edward Abbey

Quotes of the Day is Back

Van, the owner of QOTD.com had some health issues. But he is back! I am so glad that he’s sending out his quotes again…

Some of the quotes today really hit home:

My philosophy is that it’s better to explore life and make mistakes than to play it safe and not to explore at all.
– Sophia Loren

Some of us hear a new idea and explore whether we can use it to improve our lives. Some of us hear a new idea and try to immediately debunk it. Which life do you want to lead?
– Alan Weiss

Explorers have to be ready to die lost.
– Russell Hoban, 1925 – 2011

No one asks how to motivate a baby. A baby naturally explores everything it can get at, unless restraining forces have already been at work. And this tendency doesn’t die out, it’s wiped out.
– B. F. Skinner, 1904 – 1990

Here is Van’s blurb:
Copyright 2000-2013 G. Armour Van Horn, all rights reserved. This document may be distributed freely. Please forward the complete message including this copyright notice.

Decompressing from my recent intense trip

I am home from my trip to Virginia to help my friend Pamela recover from her hip replacement. Unfortunately, the hip went bad, and she has to have another surgery. I was unable to stay an additional week, and that was very hard…

I am taking Sunday off (not even going to church today…) in order to get back into my ordinary life.

In checking my email, in my Quotes of the Day were from Nora Ephron, who penned the line “I’ll have what she is having” when Meg Ryan did her famous orgasm scene and the following:

I am living in the Google years, no question of that. And there are advantages to it. When you forget something, you can whip out your iPhone and go to Google. The Senior Moment has become the Google moment, and it has a much nicer, hipper, younger, more contemporary sound, doesn’t it?

I look out the window and I see the lights and the skyline and the people on the street rushing around looking for action, love, and the world’s greatest chocolate chip cookie, and my heart does a little dance.

I am continually fascinated at the difficulty intelligent people have in distinguishing what is controversial from what is merely offensive.

My mother was a good recreational cook, but what she basically believed about cooking was that if you worked hard and prospered, someone else would do it for you.

I have lots to blog about, but I am just brain dead today. Will try to get back on schedule next week.


From One Quote Junkie to another…

I follow Lesley Riley, and she has a great idea about quotes.

In this post she has a new project collecting illustrated quotes for a book. Since I am a total quote junkie, inspired in part by Lesley’s fragments (fabric scraps with a printed quote on them), I am inspired to use one of my favorite quotes to submit for inclusion in this new book.

If you are another quote junkie, this project may be for you!This is not fabric, but would show what I might do with my favorite quote (even though it was VERY difficult for me to pick out a favorite quote…)