Gardening Update

Sunflower bloom

To celebrate the first full day of summer, I am posting about my garden.

My balcony garden is growing by leaps and bounds and is doing better since I have started watering at night instead of the morning.

I have a sunflower just about to bloom


I have several blooms on the morning glories.

Morning Glory bloom










Sweetpeas, no blooms

The sweetpeas are growing, but no blooms yet, and they are not latching onto the supports.








The Hollyhocks are growing, but I understand that they will not bloom the first year.









The columbine (the only plant that came up) suddenly grew about 6 inches in a few days!






Garden Update

My Sweet Peas are about ready to twine around the supports that I have installed. I am looking forward to having fragrant Sweet Peas in a vase this summer. These should be variagated colors.



The Morning Glories are really moving along and the sunshine has really made them grow since the last update. These should be white tinged with Blue.




I have definitely identified these little plants as the Columbines. (There was some confusion between the Hollyhocks and the Columbines until they finally leafed out with their real leaves!) I am not sure what colors they will be, but since there are only about 3 plants, maybe they will be different colors.


The Sunflowers are doing great, and that is a nice surprise, as the seeds were old and I did not know if they would even sprout.




The Hollyhocks are lagging behind, but I think that they should catch up, hopefully soon. They have made progress, but are still small…

Spring Garden

This is my container garden on my balcony. This is my Sweet Peas -love them.





Morning Glories will grow anywhere, but these are supposed to be white tinged with blue.




Since my seed packets blew away, I am not sure whether these are the columbines or the Hollyhocks. I think this is the columbine, but I am not sure




and these may be the Hollyhocks. Only time will tell