Day 5 of 28 Days of Happiness

Well, I survived my encounter with the DMV and am now in possession of Texas license plates and a Texas drivers license. It was a strain- so I treated myself to one of my favorite Texas restaurants the Cotton Patch. They were featuring Fish Tacos so I could not resist. Great lunch… and my happy thing for the day!

How am I doing?

I got an email from one of my Albuquerque friends asking me how I was doing… and what the hardest thing I did was. I replied with the following email:

Hummm… the hardest was leaving you guys… and that did not really hit me until the trailer was loaded. then I thought oh s&*t, I am really leaving!
The best has been being close to my son and hearing him tell everyone how he is going to take care of his mom, VBG!
the unpacking has been the pittttzzzz! both Lyncia and I have full houses of stuff, and combining your treasures with someone else has been a stretch (we have rented a storage shed until we can have a BIG garage sale in the spring).
Lyncia’s dog and the cats are tolerating each other, and the cats are getting braver every day. Last night Zoe {the dog} and Baby Cakes were on either side of me on the couch, so that is progress. Fuzzy is still not sure what Zoe is and is being very cautious, but is coming out more and more.
We are having an open house on Sunday to let everyone know that I am back in town, so I am hanging the last of my art for that this week.
All in all, not a bad beginning, but it certainly is not Albuquerque. There is so much MOISTURE {actual drops falling from the sky, and fog…) that I do not have to use nearly as much lotion, and my hair does different things than it did in Albuquerque.

As I am unpacking…

I came across my 2014 We’Moon calendar. Since it is moon based (and womyn-centric) the 2014 calendar starts on Dec. 16th, which just happens to be one of my first days back in Texas.  One of the quotes on the page is called


Be prepared.

There is a lot more never was to come!

On Friday I had Chinese food and my fortune cookie said “You will make many moves before you settle!”

So the future is wide open to me!

My first full day in Texas

We arrived from New Mexico about 1 AM this morning. Cold, cold, but not icy so that is OK.

Both of the cats made the trip and were relatively calm. I found out about a great product that calms them down called Feliway. Works Great! Just a satisfied customer!! They are a little freaked out about the new house, but that should pass.

pics will follow of the new house, but I was too tired and busy today to take any pics.