History of the World in 2 minutes!

Another Visual News post that is amazing…

Let’s start with the fact that this was done by a 19 year old. Then we can add that he is in a beginners video production class. Then lets add that he was able to find all of these photos with quick and easy internet searches for photos” See the entire post at the link above.

Decorative Manhole covers in Japan

I subscribe to a service called Visual News, and get some fantastic information. Occasionally, something either strikes my fancy (and you never know what might do that… even I do not know!) or is very visually striking. I always enjoy checking my email for the Visual News of the day, and sometimes like to share it here…

This post about decorative manhole covers in Japan tickled my fancy this morning… Check out this post here. I have become much more aware of manhole covers since a visit to Columbus Ohio where I walked quite extensively and noticed several interesting manhole covers:

Bell shaped manhole cover in Columbus OH

Rusty Manhole cover in Columbus OHTree grate Columbus OH