Selective Senility…

I guess that I have always suffered “Selective Senility”. This is a quote from Dian Greisl of Silver Disobedience and you can see the entire post HERE

Of course I’ve been screwed many times & always by someone I really liked at first, otherwise I’d have protected myself better. Friends & co-workers often remind me of those times. But the irony is, I have what I can only label “Selective Senility.”  Like all of us, while we could collect an arsenal of reasons for bitterness, I genuinely don’t remember most negative incidents. I made the decision that certain things were just not worth remembering. It’s like our heads have only X-number of storage compartments: So, why would we want to fill them with junk?”


As my birthday nears…

I always seem to reconnect with my inner child. Tuniska, The Moon Woman says:


To reconnect with your inner child find a photo of yourself at a young age & telepathically talk to your younger self & ask questions to gauge the current needs of your inner child which underpin some of your unconscious behaviours. You may also like to invite your inner child to draw with your left hand to express themselves. With sun in Aries, the sign of our inner boy & moon in Taurus, the sign of our inner girl – this is a great day to do something fun!

To see the entire post ( I have a LOT of Pisces friends who this may apply to) HERE

Sounds like I need to do something FUN today but it  is raining… Oh well…

Gun Reform: Speaking Truth to Bullshit, Practicing Civility, and Effecting Change by Brene Brown

This awesome post was at the top of my Facebook Feed this morning, the first thing that I saw. You can read the entire article HERE

This quote struck me:

It’s helpful to keep in mind Alberto Brandolini’s Bullshit Asymmetry Principle or what’s sometimes known as Brandolini’s law: “The amount of energy needed to refute bullshit is an order of magnitude bigger than to produce it.”

And her outlook on the entire situation seems to mirror my thoughts exactly. A very good read.

Happy Birthday to me…

Tanishka, an astrologer that I follow on the interwebs, posted this about ME (well it does apply). It is from a much longer post that you can see HERE

Feb 19 – March 21 Sun in Pisces

The sun’s shift into Pisces for a month will evoke either our inner victim or our inner mystic, depending on how much we reflect & seeking meaning to understand the events in our lives & their inherent lessons.

Ruled by Neptune, the planet of sleep, dreams & fantasy our challenge is to work with our dream messages & read the signs being offered by Great Mystery or we risk operating in a sleep state & escaping into fantasy to deal with the pain & suffering caused by our unconscious choices.

I need the inner mystic, not the inner victim!

*NEW MOON* Solar Eclipse in Aquarius February 15th 2018~

The Universe is still telling me to LET GO–

Pam Younghans from her NorthPoint Astrology shares:

“This type of eclipse marks a clear division between the past and the future.

“It carries a strong sense of karmic resolution and requires that we release attitudes and circumstances that have been interfering with our evolutionary progress…

“It is a time to let go, accept, look inward, cleanse, and resolve…”

The eclipse is not visible here, but that does not mean it will not be FELT!