My 1,000th post!

Just like when I passed the 900 mark, I had planned something special for my 1,000th post, but this will have to do:
The Equinox this Friday Sept. 22 is a change in attitude:

The energy to come will be calming and should ease any harsh feelings you have been having. Let things simmer down and allow yourself to flow right into where you need to be. Make every moment count and enjoy the energy to come.

I needed this message today!

I will try to do something spectacular for my 1001st post!

Post # 998

Wow I guess that I am back… and still posting away. This is almost 1000 posts here, and that does not count the almost 600 posts from by Blogger blog…

This was my message from the Universe today

Hello love. How are you today?


Gorgeous… yes. I like how your self-confidence has been soaring lately.


Shari, remember the last time when you blew some little thing way out of proportion and thought it just might derail your entire life?


Yeah, it still cracks us up too.


Anyhow, just wanted to remind you of your supernatural rebounding skills.


You will always prevail,

The Universe

Feelin’ kinda punk…

so I have not posted in a while. But my daily message from the Universe hit home today:

In case you haven’t noticed, Shari, the sun doesn’t always rise in crimson.
The wind doesn’t always blow from the south.
The rains don’t always fall on the plains.
And so must you allow for your own rhythms in time.
Always in love,
   The Universe

Just takin’ care of me…

I keep getting these #$%^& Messages from the Universe!

And they are all something I need to hear (but don’t necessarily want to hear them…)

I’d like to remind you, Shari, that there’s simply nothing you have to do – there’s no path you can’t walk away from, no person you have to make happy, and you don’t even have to work as hard as you now work – yet still, you can have it all.
Ah, abundance –
   The Universe